How to start a Money making craft blog

How to start a Money making Craft blog

You are totally confused about what you should do. The ‘guru’s’ are telling you as well as an Ecommerce store you also need a blog. So what in heck should you be doing to start a money making craft blog?

Really it’s not that hard to set up a money making blog in any niche but the DIY and Crafts niche is great to start with.

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Why is DIY and Crafts a good niche to set up a money making blog?

Simply put ‘Pinterest’ still works well for this niche.

So why wouldn’t you also have a blog to help build traffic to your store selling DIY and craft items.

You can start a blog even if you are on :

  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • Bigcartel
  • And lots of other stores

It can be expensive to set up shop on one of these eCommerce platforms if you want to know more about the pro’s and con’s try this post on where to sell printables. It still applies to other storefronts too!

How to set up your craft blog

Ok, this is just going to be a run through of how to set up your blog and a FREE workbook on what you need to do at each step as well.

Yes, I know there are tonnes of how to set up a blog but if you are totally overwhelmed with what needs to be done then try this FREE workbook to set up the essentials.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Pick your craft niche 
  • Pick your domain name
  • Pick your hosting company I use Siteground ( Why because I have not had any issues in 3 years that they haven’t solved for me in 30 minutes their webchat help is second to none oh and I have 3 sites with them wait make that 4 now.) Do not start a FREE blog you can’t fully monetise it or customise it
  • Pick a theme – simple is great doesn’t have to be mega pretty but should use the same branding as your shop – please don’t spend months on this pick one and move on you can change it later
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • Set up Google analytics and google console – sounds boring but you really do need these
  • How else apart from your shop can you make extra income

Simple yes?

Free Workbook guide to starting your money making craft blog.

Sign up for a free Workbook on how to get started today.


Not sure what you should be concentrating on?

Try this FREE guide to run you through those tricky steps to get started today.

Yes I remember it was a confusing time you are just not sure what you should concentrate on?

But if you use this workbook it can help you figure out the steps you need to take to get started.

Save it for later:

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