7+ Passive income products to sell on Etsy (Printables)

7+ Passive Income products to sell on Etsy (Printables)

Are you looking to sell passive income products on Etsy?

What are Passive income products anyway? Well one word Printables!

There are lots of different types of printables you could make and sell now.

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What are Passive Income products?

Passive Income products are basically products you can sell without having to ship anything.

You basically sell items in your sleep.

You don’t have to worry about posting items, bubble wrap or running out of supplies.

The great thing about selling digital products is that you can sell them over and over once you create them and that only needs to happen once!

What Printables sell best on Etsy?

There are so many options for what you can create.

Really you need to niche down if you want to get a head start so pick one area and really go to town.

So for instance if you like planning and organising then go with planners.

If you like creating labels then what about stickers for labelling lots of things like anything in the kitchen, books, journals or even bullet journals.

Here is a taster of what you could make:



Printable wall art

Colouring pages


Meal / fitness planners


Use Etsy Top Sellers to help you decide what will be good to sell on Etsy and it’s free to use.

Some of the top shops include shops that create graphics.


For planners and stickers this shop is also number one on Etsy


Don’t just think about planners or stickers or graphics, think about who you could use them too.

Can you design fonts for embroidery, needlework and such like. Etsy is a community of crafters so think about what you could do for them. 

Sell original digital artwork or clip art you will need them for your printables after all.

Cricut or other Die cutting machines are hugely popular now. Could you make SVG files for them too?

Just look at what Jennifermaker.com has managed to do.

How much money can you make selling Printables?

Well you only need to look at Sarahtitus.com to see how much she has made selling printables on shopify.

I used to follow her before she started her shopify shop and she was selling on her blog so don’t forget you can do really well if you have a great unique brand. 

Is it worth selling on Etsy?

Etsy is great if you don’t want to set up your own website but don’t forget you are competing with all the other storefronts and it’s difficult to make it your own.

It is still possible to set up and make money but you have to be unique and stand out so you have a chance to make it in the Etsy platform.

The advantages though are that you have a whole world looking for what you are selling. Plus the upfront costs are very low even compared to setting up your own website.

More Ideas for Digital Printables to sell on Etsy


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