How to have an Organized desk (Declutter your Desk today)

How to have an Organized desk (Declutter your Desk today) 

So you walk into your home office ready to start another project! Nightmare you forgot you need to declutter your desk! Read on for some great tips on how to have an organized desk.

Guess what it is a complete mess-  what do you do?

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So you have decided the time has come to declutter and organize your desk.

Firstly we need to find out why you should do this. Why should you have a clean desk?

Why is a clean desk important?

One of the most important reasons to have a clean and tidy desk is to reduce your work stress. If your brain sees clutter it feels like it needs more to do hence it makes you feel more stressed. 

So when your home office workspace is neat and tidy your brain thinks great less work to do and therefore less stress.

Productivity can also improve when you have a nice organized desk. Why because it takes you less time to find important items that you need to work on.

It is really important to get rid of stuff that is no longer useful. I am a terrible stationary addict and will buy lots of stationary stuff like pens and notebooks. I have about 5 new notebooks still to be used and guess what other old ones are lying around.

Problem is if you’re anything like me you won’t have a clear idea what you have in what notebook and why you kept it in the first place – my suggestion ditch it if you haven’t looked at it for a year it’s not something you need. (Recycle it with paper goods)

Next the best tips to help get your desk clean and organized right now:

  • Set a timer – this is so you don’t start faffing around and not actually tidy up this will mean you have a set time to tidy up the clutter and you must do it.
  • Everything has a home – decide what is going to go where use labels on drawers or boxes if you have to ensure all items have a home.
  • Set cleaning goals – decide which bits you are going to tackle when don’t try and do everything all at once you don’t want to set yourself up for failure. You know what they say “ How do you eat an elephant – One bite at a time”
  • Don’t leave things to pile up – tackle them when they start piling up otherwise you will be completely overwhelmed and not want to get started at all.

How do You Declutter your desk?

If you want tips on storage solutions that you can DIY yourself 

Start – that is how you get to grip with things don’t put it off.

Tips to Decluttering your desk:

  • Hiding wires from all your electronic equipment will help to reduce the clutter and make this visually more tidy and therefore you will feel less stressed.

Here is a super easy way to do this using Binder clips and not expensive. 

| |
  • Digitize as much as possible so you don’t have paper lying all over the place – if you need to use notes how about trying things like Evernote and using Google Docs to keep important documents like your blog posts, emails and digital products.
  • Rationalize duplicate items like pens and notepads how many can you really use at once – store them in a box if you have to or give them away.
  • Be ruthless
  • Don’t forget you can also use shelves and wall space to store stuff as well as have important information in front of you without cluttering up your desk.

Desk organization tips

Now that you have cleared the clutter how do you keep it that way?

  • Wipe your desk surface daily make it a routine
  • Have a daily to do list to organize your work stick to ONE notepad
  • Enjoy your nice tidy desk
  • Don’t go and clutter up the surface again have only a few necessary items on your desk with the rest all tidied away in labelled drawers or shelves.

How to make your desk seem cozy

Add a fluffy blanket to your chair 


Make a mug cozy


Add a Rug


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