How to Make money selling Digital Printables (Passive Income)

How to Make money selling Digital Printables (Passive Income)

Are you thinking about selling Printables? Read on to find out how to make money selling Digital Printables.

Don’t even know what a printable is then this post will make everything clearer for you.

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Ok, let’s get started.

What is a Printable?

A printable is basically anything you can package up in a PDF arrangement that is a quick reference guide for someone to look at a “mini guide” if you like for a specific task.

Printable just means something that is digital and can be downloaded and printed off at home.

Examples of Printables you could create

Weekly planner

Monthly planner

Dailly planner

Menu planner

To do list

Budget planner

Garden planner

Then you have all the stickers you could create to allow people to print out not to mention



This is just a small fraction of what you can create. All you need to do is google printable and look at all the images that pop up.

How do I make Printables to sell?

There are a host of different ways you can make your printables if you want a run through on the different ways try this post.

You want to start with free options and one way I have made printables is on Powerpoint it really is one of the easiest ways to make them especially if you are like me and not very arty.

Suzi from Startamomblog has a Printablesbynumbers which goes through how to make printables using Powerpoint and how to sell them in a lot of depth. Plus she has some great runthroughs of how to create printables using examples like meal planner, budget planner etc. Suzi also shows you how to

If on the other hand Powerpoint isn’t for you, you can also use Excel which Laura from Iheartplanners goes into in her course on how to create printables. She also shows you how to create them using Google sheets which is complete free if you use Google apps. What I like about her course is she also shows you how to create half size printables with plenty of examples.

Best Places to sell Printables 

Ok so there are tonnes of places you can sell your printables but my favourite is going solo!

What do I mean by that well – set up your printables to sell on your own website again Printables by numbers also gives you the lowdown on how to do this as well using either Thrivecart or Sendowl as a stand alone option or adding woocommerce to your WordPress site.

The advantageous to this is that you don’t have to compete with a load of other store fronts like for example Etsy.

If you really don’t want to go into having your own website the places like Etsy and Shopify are the major league places.

How much money can you make selling Printables

Well if you treat it like a business you could make lots of money check this out this podcast to get an idea of what you could achieve. Tam makes $6+ per month just selling printables but she had a great idea.

Bear in mind that the idea of what to sell needs to be good and different to everyone else to really do well.

So start thinking …..

How long will it take to make money selling Printables

It depends on what you are selling. If its unique and the selling price is spot and you promote well then you could be looking at months. Tam took over a year to start making great money so if you are looking for a quick rich scheme this isn’t it!

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