13 Modern Farmhouse kitchen Decor Ideas (To copy)

13 Modern Farmhouse kitchen Decor Ideas (To copy)

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen decor style can include lots of different elements.

First it’s important that it is simple, clean but has mix and match elements of furniture. Farmhouse started well on the farm so the kitchen was mishmash of pieces brought together to create a kitchen without spending a lot of money.

Repair rather than replace those original features if you can – floors, ceilings or pieces of furniture.

Need some inspiration then read on.

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French Farmhouse Kitchen Decor


To get that French vibe try adding a statement light like this chandelier to instantly transform the kitchen.

Romantic and elegant with floral fabrics and rustic accessories like rattan baskets for storage and open shelving.

Victorian Farmhouse Style Kitchen



Create that Victorian feel with a butler sink – ceramic and large is a must.

For a splash back you really need tiles to give you more of a Victorian theme.

Add a vintage pine large kitchen table and farmhouse dresser to the mix and you have instant Victoriana and of course don’t forget the clothes drier pully.

Accessories with copper pots and pans.

Classic English Kitchen Farmhouse

Want that English Kitchen Farmhouse style then think traditional rooms off the kitchen for example a scullery ( utility room ) and pantry.

Of course you need the quintessential Aga – a cast iron cooker!

You also need a large kitchen table and island unit.

Colours include earthy greens and blues not necessarily white cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen decor – White and Black

If you are looking for a sleek look but with the Farmhouse feel how about mixing two colours like black and white for a modern look.

Add black counter tops and accent with black accessories like lights, and door furniture.

Consider black appliances as well or could go all out and have black painted units but if you are going for that look make sure you have plenty of other light colours in the kitchen from ceiling to flooring.

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Classic style Farmhouse – White and Wood

The classic style farmhouse is accented with white units and wooden beams with wooden island units to add to the rustic feel.


All White Farmhouse kitchen

Clean lines and all white units and counter tops with some wooden accents can give a modern feel to farmhouse kitchen.

If you need to open up the space then all white can give the feeling of space and has a timeless appeal.

Country Inspired Farmhouse Kitchen

Country inspired Farmhouse kitchens include things like signs like the farmers market below.

Also think storage like wire baskets and wire pendant lighting isn’t it just beautiful.


Colourful Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

If you are going to go with this scheme then pick one colour like the green in this kitchen use accessories to enhance the green colour of the walls.

You could go all out and have kitchen units in red for a striking look!

Along with the blue tiles it can certainly make an impact.


Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen

Traditional Farmhouse kitchens have painted cabinets, exposed beams, a cast iron cooker and a large kitchen table.

Neutral colour tones can help to create that timeless look to help brighten up a dark space.

Don’t hid away your utensils ensure they are on display beside your cooker.


Shaker Style Farmhouse Kitchen

If you are going to for the shaker style kitchen then the units have to be painted this dark blue is just gorgeous against the white tiles.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Mixing freestanding pieces with fitted kitchen units can give you that rustic feel.

Preloved pieces can lift your kitchen to create that rustic look so think salvage yard and thrift store finds.

The great thing about this look that you can create it on a budget.


Mix and Match Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Mix and match farmhouse with other styles to create a whole new look.

The stand alone dresser works well with the blue units and wooden work tops.

The blue tiles and open shelving help to continue the Farmhouse look.

Scandinavian Style Farmhouse kitchen

Scandi is minimalist in design with a few colours through in.

Isn’t the pale blue chairs just beautiful alongside the island unit.


I hope you enjoyed this run through of Farmhouse kitchen decor ideas.

Wouldn’t you just love to makeover your own kitchen.

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