11 FREE Modern Crochet Blanket Patterns

Interested in Crochet looking for a bigger project than just hats or scarves? How about a Crochet Modern Blanket Pattern?

Check out some gorgeous modern crochet projects that you can start and finish in time for next Christmas yep sometimes they aren’t quick but what a marvelous gift.

Lets read on see if you can find one that it inspires you to pick up your crochet hook!

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One of my favourite crafts is crochet I seemed to pick it up really quickly along with knitting – self taught in the days when it was just books! No internet when I was a child.

Making a crochet blanket is a BIG commitment so you really need to make sure you have the time and depending on your materials the money to finish it.

Best Resources for FREE Modern Crochet Blankets Patterns

Planning your first project can be really daunting you need to decide on the pattern and the types of yarn you want to use.

First off, it depends on what you want to use it for. If it’s for a child then machine washable wool or some acrylic yarns or cotton yarns can be a great choice because it’s going to take a lot of washing!

In terms of hooks these are my absolute favourites to work with but if you have been at this for a while you will have your favourite ones too.

Best Tools for Crochet Blankets Projects

My advice is to buy the best hooks you can afford it will make a huge difference when you are making a large blanket my two favourite hooks are Tulip and Clover if you are looking for wood these are my two favourites both Birch – Brittany Crochet hooks and Knit Pro Symfonie Crochet hooks.

Best Yarns for Crochet Blanket Projects  

Wool Yarn

Some of the best Wool yarns are Cascade superwash 220 wool – the reason because you can get gorgeous colours in a machine washable wool.

Cotton Yarn

You don’t always need to make blankets from wool you can make some beautiful blankets from cotton yarn too.

Rico design cotton is one of my favourites it crochets up beautifully.

Patons Cotton Yarn and Lion Brand cotton are other lovely options.

Acrylic Yarns


Best Books for Crochet Blankets

Best stitches for Modern Crochet blankets

There are many different types of crochet stitches you can use for blankets. What I would say is master some stitches that you enjoy and use them for your blankets. You can use the same stitches and change colours or use different stitches with less colours it is really up to you.

Crochet Stitches that you can use for modern blankets:

Corner to corner Chevron Stitch

This is a great stitch for blankets and using colour if you want a step by step tutorial then try this post. What makes this a good stitch is you can design something using graph paper and each square will be a stitch. It is not as easy to master as single or double crochet or even ripple stitch but it is worth getting to grips with depending on the type of blanket you want to make.


Granny Stitches not in your regular granny squares

If you have never tried Granny stitch in rows then now is the time to try its quick easy enough for beginners and just look at what you can do!


Granny stitch is basically Treble crochet or in US terms double crochet find instructions here.

Ripple Stitch / Chevron Stitch

This is one of my favourite ways to make a blanket and it is quick to whip one up!

Waffle stitch

Waffle stitch can give you a blanket with great texture.

Waffle like appearance looking for a great blanket tutorial in waffle check this one out.


Blanket stitch

This is another great little stitch for blankets handily called the Blanket stitch.


Ok now on to the patterns:

Best FREE modern Crochet blanket patterns 

Including some easy blankets for beginners too

  1. LookwhatImade

This is a lovely simple blanket that even a beginner could tackle.

  1. Summer in Swanage FREE pattern

Looking for a blanket that has echoes of summer, how about this one!

  1. Jane Crowfoot Persian Tiles Blanket

This is more advanced crochet blanket.

  1. Crochet Dreamz – Twinkling Stars Blanket

How about this little star light weight and perfect for summer and spring.

  1. Summer Harlequin Blanket

If you can master diamond shapes you can make this blanket from hollypips!

  1. Mama in a Stitch – Simple Crocheted Blanket 

How about a lovely little baby blanket perfect for a baby shower.

  1. Coastal Ripple Blanket from Attic24

How about a great beginners ripple blanket. The colour combinations in this blanket are beautiful.

  1. Granny Stripe Blanket from Attic24

Another beautiful beginners granny stripe blanket.

  1. Summer Garden Throw from Attic 24

Summer garden throw is just another great beginners blanket so unusual too! 

  1. Bright Log Cabin Lion Brand Pattern

How about a log cabin crochet pattern – patchwork blanket at a glance.

  1. Megan makes do

I hope you enjoyed this run through of modern crochet blankets and that it has given you some inspiration to try new projects.

Don’t be frightened to give a blanket a try its really not that daunting.

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crochet blankets

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