Ikea Hacks for your Craft Room Supplies

Ikea Hacks for your Craft Room Supplies

storage solution for craft room with shelves and notebooks

Are you looking for solutions to those craft items like buttons, sewing thread and odds and ends?

Ikea is great for small storage solutions so how about I show you some great Ikea hacks for your craft room for small items.

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If you are struggling to organize your craft room read of some great Ikea Hacks to solve your organization woes.

I have large storage tubs full of craft stuff sadly I don’t have a craft room so I rely on storage boxes in the corner of the spare room.

It can get really irritating when you need to find something like the right colour cotton thread for a repair job or the right buttons and you have a large box just chalked full of craft stuff with no organisation.

So lets see what we can find to organise all those small items that you need for your crafts that would otherwise go missing or end up at the bottom of a box or drawer and you can find them.

Let’s get them tidied up and organised today!

7 Ikea hacks for your Craft room Supplies

Ikea Hallax Unit

First I am going to start with a wished for Ikea Hack this is just Awesome if you have a handyman around that can transform the Ikea Kallax into a fabulous alround craft storage work table and storage unit.

Here is the full tutorial here if you are good at DIY.


Ikea Magazine Files

Do you have tonnes of patterns lying around here and there? What about organizing them into Magazines files say one for crochet patterns one for sewing patterns etc wouldn’t that be great? 


 Craft Storage from Ikea Raskog Cart

This Ikea Raskog cart is great for all your Art supplies for Bullet journalling or other supplies you want easy access too. 

Three shelves with plenty of room for things like sewing materials and accessories as well. 

Think Crochet or Knitting Cart too! Add all your yarns to one shelf for your current project great idea.


Ikea Variera Wrapping Paper Storage

Want a solution to your Vinyl storage for your Cricut or for Wrapping paper that you have lying around?

Ikea Variera is normally used for plastic bags so how about converting it to use for Wrapping paper storage. 

If you are looking for a quick DIY project then check it out at makeanddocrew.


 Wall containers Ikea Sunnersta 

Add more space with wall containers for all your little bits and pieces.


Ikea Bastis Wall hooks

Hang up all your scissors, paint brushes and anything else that has holes to allow hanging.


Ikea Drawer Unit Alex with hidden baskets

Not just for washi tape – how about ribbon or threads, needles, crochet hooks, buttons in fact any small things you can think off. See what you can do with the Ikea Alex Drawer unit.

Ikea Hacks for your Craft room

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I hope this has given you some inspiration for your Craft room to get those little things organised!

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