Beginners Guide: Starting a Bullet Journal (2019)

Beginners Guide: Starting a Bullet Journal (2019)


So you fancy starting a Bullet Journal?

BUT you have no clue where to start and your not even sure you are artistic enough!

The main thing with Bullet Journals is that they are a work in progress so don’t go starting with a really expensive notebook and pens try out the cheaper options until you are confident – see the table below for buying options.

You definitely don’t need to be artistic to start one off!

If you need help with organisation and planning then a bullet journal can really help you plan. It’s also great fun if you have a creative side.


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What is the point of a Bullet Journal 

As I said above a bullet journal is a way to get yourself organised and plan for your year.

Instead of having lots of different journals dedicated to different options what about having it all in one journal?

I know it sounds like you couldn’t but with a Bullet Journal, it is totally feasible!

Give up having tonnes of half-finished journals and planners and just have ONE!

!It’s a specific way to organise a planner.

It can also be called a BuJo.

The great thing about a bullet journal is it’s highly customisable and can be creative as well.


Things you can organise with a bullet journal include:

  • Helps to become organised or stay organised
  • Creative outlet
  • Loves things like scrap booking
  • Daily to do’s
  • Savings
  • Long term goals
  • Monthly calendars
  • Basically, it’s up to you what you put in it!



How do I get started Bullet journaling 

The basic equipment you need is Notepad and a pen.


1.Minimalism Art
2.Dotted Grid Notebook/Journal
4.Dotted Journal by Scribbles That Matter










And Pens


Checkout this pen option








☑️ Best journals for bullet journalling


Best Value

Best Overall

Best for Artists


Dot Grid Notebook

Leuchturnm 1917

Moleskine Art Sketchbook


4.8 out of 5

4.3 out of 5

4.6 out of 5


Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pen

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

Sakura Pen-Touch Paint Markers


4.8 out of 5

3.9 out of 5

4.4 out of 5




How do you start a Beginners bullet journal


THE most important thing with a Bullet journal is to start you are NOT striving for perfection it will take time to get to grips with all the shortcodes and layouts.

Don’t use a brand new leather fabulously expensive journal start off with something not too expensive.

First, you need to know about the terminology it’s got its own language too well not too much!



What’s the difference between an ordinary Journal and a BuJo

I have already mentioned that its a collection of different journals and notebooks all in one.

It also has an Index page (a bit like a content section in a novel ) and Section pages.

First, you decide on the sections then you create your index. And you can add to these as you go along.


What should you put in a bullet journal

Types of pages to add to your bullet journal depend on the things you want to track the list above gives you inspiration for the types of sections you could have in your journal.


Have a look online and below for different types of templates you would want to include in your journal. Maybe you just want to stick to a project planner for your work or meal planning and cleaning schedules and savings goals.

If that’s all you want then great you don’t need to add more!


Once you have an idea of layouts you want to use sketch them out in pencil first or you can use the Pilot eraser gel pens ( I love them it’s amazing how well they erase out to leave a blank page- they are not my go-to pen to use for my blogging work using a Bujo. ) 

I also love using sticky tabs like this one to mark Index pages I reference all the time these are my favourite ones just now.


Index page

This is your first page in your Bullet Journal and this is where you add each section along with a page number for each. Leave at least two pages for this section.


This page shows all your signifiers and colours and what they mean.


Future Log

This is a list of your important events, goals and plans for the year on one page


Daily Log

Basically a daily to-do list of things for each day to get done


Monthly Calendar 

Basically a monthly calendar of events listed on one page


Now onto your Section pages

This is where you have all your bullet journal collections.

Bullet Journal Terms


You don’t write out lots of detail in bullet journals the idea is to use a sort of shorthand in BuJo lingo – rapid logging includes things like bullets, short sentences, page numbers, and topics.


Here are some terms:

  • Bullets to signify tasks like dots, dash <>
  • Signifiers to add attention like * ! checkmark to show something is complete
  • Migration – check for unfulfilled tasks at the end of each month move it to a new month using this >
  • Threading – this is what to do with your page numbers when you have non-consecutive collections you can add the page number to the bottom. For example, say you have 5 pages 1 5 6 7 and 23 all with the same collection information you would then add →5 to page one then on page 5 add →6 to the bottom of page 5.


Things you can track with your bullet journal

Here are things you can track with your bullet journal:

  • Calendar pages include daily, monthly yearly tasks, meal planning, expenses
  • Goals – saving money, work or exercise
  • Trackers- sleep, diet or fitness
  • Logs – future, gratitude, book lists to read
  • Project planners


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Overview of the basics of Bullet Journaling 

Notebook – for instance, the Leuchturnm 1917

Pens- for instance, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

PensPages – Index, Key, Future log, Daily and Monthly calender and collections


Best Bullet Journal templates for Beginners

Here is a collection of Bullet Journal Ideas for layouts to get you started:










Best Resources for Bullet Journals




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