7 Amazing Hot Glue Gun Crafts (to sell)

7 Amazing Hot Glue gun crafts (to sell) 

If you have never tried to use your hot glue gun to make crafts you might be missing out.

Do you have a hot glue gun lying around? Every wonder what you can do with it apart from gluing something together?

Check out this post to see what amazingly cool crafts you can make with a hot glue gun today.

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What is the best glue gun for crafts?

What is a Glue Gun well it’s a gun that you can use to glue HOT glue to things to stick them together.

This is not for kids you can buy ones specifically for kiddies to use like these ones.

You will be able to buy a variety of sizes of guns larger ones will take more glue sticks so therefore glue more per stick!

There are three types of glue gun:

  • hot glue gun
  • low temperature glue gun and
  • an adjustable glue gun.

Adjustable temperature glue guns are best for bonding delicate or sensitive materials like fabric because you can reduce the temperature to a lower level so that you don’t burn delicate fabrics.

Ideally a hot glue gun is best used on more sturdy fabric rather than delicate fabric.

It is good for things like leather, jeans or rope type materials. 

Note that repeated washing can degrade the glue so stitching is the most effective option.

Some other useful supplies when working with a glue gun:

Finger sleeves stops your fingers getting burnt when using your glue gun

Mat selection with 5-star reviews easily protect your surfaces from getting covered in glue and once the glue is cool you can remove it.

There are lots of different Hot Glue guns you can buy here are just a few that make 5-star reviews on Amazon:

If you want to browse through the best overall glue guns check out this selection here.

Looking for a Hot glue gun craft book check this 5-star review book:

What Kind of Crafts can I make with a hot glue gun?

You can make so many things with a glue gun like Jewellery, decorate mason jars and fridge magnets it’s really amazing what you can make.

Glue gun sticks come in a variety of colours which means there is added versatility to what you can do.

Can you leave a glue stick in a glue gun?

You can leave a glue stick in the glue gun. If you remove a part molten glue stick from the gun you can damage the applicator. If you want to remove the glue you simple extrude any remaining glue via the applicator. Once the molten glue has been removed simply leave the rest of the glue stick in the gun till the next time. If it is running low add another glue stick into the gun to move the remaining glue stick to the end of the gun.

Can I use a glue gun on fabric?

You are able to use a glue gun on fabric with a few caveats.

Avoid touching the fabric with the nozzle as it could burn the fabric. 

Repeated washing of fabrics can degrade the glue so eventually you will need to actually stitch it. Great for temporary clothing repairs like hems, adding buttons or zippers.

Ok, let’s check out some Awesome Hot glue gun crafts you can try today:

Confetti Cake Topper


No Sew Teepee


Create a Non slip Hanger

Leather Tassel 


Glue Gun Snowflakes


Bespoke Fridge Magnetics


DIY Glue Gun Jewellery


No-Sew Rope Coil Basket


I hope you enjoyed this run through of all the things you can do with a Hot Glue gun it surprised me!

If you have a hot glue gun at home get it out and start making some different things you could even look at selling items.

Fridge magnets would be quick to make and you could have different types of moulds with coloured glue and make some great unique magnets that I am sure would do well if you sold them on places like Etsy.

Even if you didn’t want to sell stuff you could make some great Teachers appreciation gifts or gifts for family and friends using some of the ideas in the is post so give them a try today and let me know how you get on!

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