11 Simple Hand lettering fonts for a Bullet Journal

Simple hand lettering fonts you’re going to love to try for your bullet journal today.

Creating a gorgeous heading for your bullet journal page can really lift your layout. 

If you want to try some simple hand lettering fonts then read on.

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example of fonts for a Christmas layout

What is a Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is a collection of notebooks and planners in one book. I use one for blogging here is one of my pages on my To Do list I keep mine very unfancy!

I am a Stationary addict and if I can master nice hand letters I will incorporate those into my journal too.

The thing about Bullet journals or Bujo is that it has a contents ( Index ) page that corresponds to page numbers for each layout you create. You can also have a Key page which features all the symbols you are going to use in you’re Bujo to improve the flow and find layouts you use frequently.

If you want to know more about Bullet Journalling here are some posts to help you out:

Beginners Guide to Bullet Journaling

Quick guide to Bullet Journaling

7 Bullet Journal layouts to save money

So if you want to master nice letters to make your Bullet Journal spreads nicer then read on I certainly need to up my layouts!

I have so much flexibility with my bullet journal as it can help me with a ton of different things like:

  • My TO DO list
  • Monthly calender’s
  • Organisation for my blogs
  • And unleash my creativity 
  • Basically it will be you’re go to notebook
notebook and pen

☑️ Best Bullet Journal Supplies

Because I am a Bullet Journal /Stationary addict these are the items I would want on my Christmas list for my bullet journal-ling.

Now if you are just starting out just use what you have or if you really want to start with all the bells and whistles then here is a neat list of some of the great stuff you can start with.

Fineliners Straedlter are great to start off with I love mine although I don’t use them as often as I should for bullet journal spreads.

Gel pens my favourite at the moment is Pilot Frixxon gel pens they are erasable. I make lots of mistakes in my Bullet Journal so I tend to use these pens the most.

Pencils – if you are starting to Hand letter is always good to draw your letters out in pencil first before committing to brush pens. A regular set of pencils from the Art store or your kiddos school backpack will do the trick.

Notebooks – I have started off with a Scribbles but have one of the best notebooks you can buy is a Leuchturnm.

Here is a round up of some of the top Bujo notebooks.

 Best ValueBest OverallBest for Artists
NotebooksDot Grid NotebookLeuchturnm 1917Moleskine Art Sketchbook
Rating 4.8 out of 54.3 out of 54.6 out of 5
PensPilot Frixion Erasable Gel PenStaedtler Triplus Fineliner PensSakura Pen-Touch Paint Markers
Rating 4.8 out of 53.9 out of 54.4 out of 5
scrapbook with supplies

Drafting your Bullet Journal layout

When you are planning a new layout if you know you want to add a gorgeous hand lettering header unless your super confident it would be best to use a pencil first.

Once you have the layout the way you want it you can go over the lines in pen and use your Brush pens to create the hand letters and erase any pencil lines once its all dry and viola you will have a fabulous layout!

Word of caution not all your layouts will be great – I use my bullet journal as a trial run and if I make mistakes so be it. I don’t worry too much if the page is not how I wanted it but the creatives amongst you maybe freaking out.

It really depends on the angle you are coming at for your journal mine is purely practical and it if has some nice colour spread then great otherwise I am not too fussed as long as I get my To Do list done.

Some of you want to use it for creatively as well and that’s great but as with all things it takes time to perfect your skills so don’t get disheartened if it’s not the way you want it, there is always another page you can practice on!

Hand lettering Font types

There are three main types of hand letters – I thought I would quickly go over for you:

  • Serif – this is the traditional type of font think – Times New Roman, Garamond and Georgia. Attached to the main font strokes are little extra lines
  • Sans serif – this font is basically without the little extra lines at the end of the letters – think Arial, Lato and Roboto
  • Script – these are the cursive fonts basically they have curls and will join on to one another so in some ways they can be less forgiving if you make a mistake as you can’t always tell if the letter size is as it should be.
  • Examples include Berkshire Swash, Caveat, Courgette and Lobster.

Quick Guide to Hand lettering

One thing about hand lettering is that to get good you really need to practice! Some folks recommend starting with pencil for your Bullet Journal layout then using your Brush pens to fill in the colour and do your letter once you are happy with the layout.


If you need to practice your letters then there are tonnes of great worksheets out there here just a small selection of some great options I have found for you:

☑️ Best Hand lettering practice worksheets

Here are some FREE resources for Hand lettering Drills

Bullet Journal Headers

Mostly you will be using Hand letter fonts for your headers in your bullet journals so what sort of bullet journal headers can you create?

Bullet journal headers are where you can unleash your creative flare they are built for creativity!

| | |

As with any header it is a chance for you to explain what the layout is about – its a bit like a blog post title.

If you want uniform banners for your header ( these are doodles that add to the header text to help it stand out ) then its best to use a stencil.

Here is a great selection of stencils you could buy to help decorate your hand letter fonts for your header.

Now onto the simple fonts you can use with the Banners to create wonderful headers.

Lets get cracking!

11 Simple Hand lettering Fonts to try for your Bullet Journal today

Tombow worksheets



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Looking for more Bullet Journal supplies don’t be surprised to find Amazon have a lot of different things:

I hope this post has given you some inspiration on what sort of fonts you can start practicing for your headers along with banners you will be an expert in no time!

Practice, practice, practice is the only way you will improve your hand letters.

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