Best Gift Guide for the knitting fan in your house (2020)

Best Gift Guide for the knitting fan in your house (2020)

Gift Guide for the knitting fan
Gift Guide for the knitting fan in your house

Are you completely stuck for a gift this year for your friend or relative that is a big Knitting fan in your house then this gift guide for the Knitting  fan will help give you some ideas.

Gifts guides are great if you want to find something that a knitting buff will really want.

Don’t wander round the craft shop clueless give this post a read through.

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Here are some ideas to help you pick some great luxury presents for knitters.

Ultimate Knitting Books

If you are looking for beginners knitting books or it you are wanting a comprehensive dictionary of stitches then these are some of the top options:

If you are looking for an encyclopaedia of stitch then this book of 400 stitches should keep your knitting fan busy for a whole year learning new stitches!

It’s chocked so full of ideas so you will never run out of trying a new stitch.

If you have mastered just the first two stiches everyone starts off with which is the knit and purl stitches then this book will have you conjuring up lots of different patterns using just these two stiches. Any knitter would love this book filled with easy to follow illustrations.

Ok what do you get the knitter that is just starting off? What about this book it has everything a beginner knitter needs to get started.

Knitting needles

These are my favourite wooden needles and a selection of different sizes. I love using wood as I find it less cold that steel needles and works with the yarn just wonderfully Symfonie needles and crochet hooks are my favourite they look so unusually and are lovely to work with so if you are looking to buy a set this one is lovely.

If you don’t like these how about this unusual selection of wooden needles:

These gorgeous needles will really make your knitter pleased

How about these wooden needles with lovely painted tops in blue and white

Or how about these two different wood needles these are so unusually.

Yarn bowls

Ok why do you need a year bowl? Basically it helps keep you in one place without the ball running away under the table or couch. And can be a really attractive ornament too!

Think about your knitter first do they like fancy or plain? What is their home decor like?

How about these beautiful yarn bowels pick form one of these three options

How about a plainer ceramic bowel if you think the firsts one were too fancy.

You could also try one of these sheep yarn bowls.

Knitting bags

If you are looking for cute storage for knitting projects then some of these are super lovely.

Knitting bag with stags heads it really cute

Lovely embroidered knitting bags

Wool gifts

How about sheep or wool present for the knitting fan.

Mystery knitting boxes

1.How about a mystery knitting box for that knitting fan

2. Subscription boxes from Knitpick

3. Knitting crate membership

Yarn winders

What are Yarn winders basically they will help wind the yarn into a ball so its easier to work with these are two options to try out:

Or how about simpler Yarn winder

Stitch markers

How about some of these cute stitch markers. They basically mark where you are in you knitting project.

Sheep stitch markers

Stitch marker with mermaid scale charms

Cute cat stitch markers

So what are you going to choose for your knitting fan? Impress them with one of these gifts and they will be super impressed.

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