FREE Fall Inspired Crochet Patterns

fall inspired crochet patterns

Fall Inspired Crochet Patterns 

It is that time of year when the weather is getting chilly here in the UK and you think time for some fall crochet? So how about this round up of some free fall inspired crochet patterns to make you pick up your hook again.!

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Autumn is such a lovely time of year the colours are beautiful and then you have Halloween coming up and thanksgiving lots of holidays what’s not to like!

Ok yes the weather can be a pain sometimes cold sometimes warm and you just don’t know what to wear.

Beginners Crochet resources

Yarn supplies

Wool Yarn

Some of the best Wool yarns are Cascade superwash 220 wool – the reason because you can get gorgeous colours in a machine washable wool.


You don’t always need to make Fall Crochet from wool you can make some beautiful home decor pieces from cotton yarn too.

Rico design cotton is one of my favourites it crochets up beautifully.

Patons Cotton Yarn and Lion Brand cotton are other lovely options.


Stylecraft is my go to yarn and you can buy it at deramore usa.

Crochet hooks – using a larger hook is easier if you are a beginner try a size 4 to 5.

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Fall Foliage Afghan

This Afghan and pillow set epitomises fall for me, all the colours are just gorgeous.

It just screams autumn leaves!

The fringe is beautiful as well and if you don’t like the brown you could coordinate it with another one of the colours in the blanket.

Fall Foliage Pillow

If you loved the blanket but want to start on something smaller how about the matching pillow?

This is a quicker option than the blanket and you can get it finished quicker.

Spicy Diamond Blanket

This blanket is made up of diamonds which you make individually then crochet together to finish the blanket.

If you are a beginner it will be quite a complex one to start off with.

Granny square Autumn Squares blanket

If you are looking for a blanket with granny squares then this one will give you the fall feel.

The burst of colour on the squares are just gorgeous.

I think I would be going with a bright colour for joining the squares rather than the variegate one in the pattern.

Autumn Log cabin throw

This is a different kind of blanket that looks more like a patchwork quilt with the log cabin pattern.

It looks great so if you can’t patchwork or quilt then this is an excellent substitute.

Crochet Fall I love sign

If you love fall then this sign is lovely. It conjours up all things autumn. Lots of lovely fall colours and leaves to crochet in this little sign that would be perfect for your front door instead of a wreath or in the living room to announce the change in season.

Autumn Crochet wreath

If you want to create an autumn wreath this one has lots of lovely leaves, acorns and vines so get crocheting.

Turkey coasters for your Thanksgiving table

Create some cheer for your thanksgiving table with these cute turkey coasters.

They are funny and colourful and can also be used as decoration and ornaments.

The eyes beak and snood are made from felt but you could always embroider them on if you are good at embroidery.

Crochet Fall Wreath

If you want a simpler wreath this one has leaves, mini pumpkins and a large bow.

Fall Mantel pattern for Pumpkins, Bunting and Amigurumi Owl

How about these crochet patterns pick and choose what you want to crochet. You can just crochet the pumpkins for your mantel or just the bunting you choose.

Free Crochet Pumpkin

If you want a lovely crochet pumpkin the check this pattern out it just beautiful.

Crochet Autumn Wreath for Intermediate level

How about this wreath made up of lots of leaves, acorns and berries.

Cute Pumpkin Basket

This is so lovely a pumpkin basket made using the tapestry crochet technique.

If you aren’t sure how to crochet using the tapestry technique then this pattern gives you links to see how to do it.

Autumn Leaf crochet hat pattern 

If you are looking for a super cute pattern for a baby how about this lovely wee hat.

Crochet Heart Pattern

This is really for experienced crocheters its absolutely beautiful and work up into a beautiful blanket.

There you go some lovely fall autumn free crochet patterns to update your home decor for the Autumn season.

Think about the colours you are going to use white pumpkins with gold accents can create a really chic decor style this fall.

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Fall inspired crochet patterns

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