11 Awesome Easy Sewing Projects to make and sell today

11 Awesome Easy Sewing Projects to make and sell today

Any good at Sewing and needing to earn some extra money? This post will run through some Easy sewing Projects you can make and sell today

Projects to make and sell today to earn some extra cash.

If you have always wanted to turn your craft into business how about checking out these Easy sewing projects. If you are any good at sewing try your hand at them today.

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Sewing Resources to help you start Easy sewing projects:

Sewing Kits

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Are you wanting more 5-star review Sewing kits then check them out here.

Sewing Books

More Sewing Books with 5-star reviews check them out here.



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Helpful Craft Books for selling your crafts:


Wondering where you can sell your crafts? There a lot of options and I will cover this in another post to help you decide where you are going to sell your crafts once you make them.

How to start your own Craft BLOG today

One of the best ways to sell your crafts is by using your own website. If you want to start your own website then grab my free guide. How to start your Blog a complete guide for Beginners covering how to set up your blog, themes, hosting and Google Analytics.

There are lots of great crafts you can make and sell in your spare time. Make sure what you pick to do won’t cost too much and won’t take too much time. Places where you can sell your Crafts:

  • Your own Website shop
  • Etsy
  • Amazon – Handmade
  • Craft Fairs


What are the easiest things to sew if you are a beginner

There are plenty of tips around the internet these days for sewing for beginners but the one I like the most is to learn a new skill with every project you do so start out small!

How about a Guide for Beginners to Sewing here is a Great Book from Amazon to get you to start best of all its 5-star rated 400 pages of great stuff for less than $30 check it out today.

If you love Sewing books it’s really hard to decide what to choose how about this page of 5-star review books if you want to browse a selection here are some you can have a look at today click here for more information.

So for a first project, you could start off with making a Pillowcase because this helps you to understand how to cut and sew with seam allowances and you can make it using almost any fabric.


Pillowcases would make a great first project to make and sell.
You could start embellishing them with some applique or embroidery if it was plain material to make it look different.
Or add in an extra piece of material to add a stripe section here are some ideas below:



Here is another great project to get you to use to using Bias tape and doesn’t involve using any zippers or closures:


It’s a super cute top may have to make this myself – Oh wait I don’t have a sewing machine!

But what else can you do with a Pillowcase make it a Reading Pillowcase I love how just adding a little extra material can transform this into something extraordinary and it would make a great gift too.


More than 50 Fun & Free Beginner Sewing Projects

Easy sewing projects for beginners

If you don’t have a sewing machine or are just a beginner and don’t want to splash out just yet but would love to make some sewing craft projects to make or sell.

Most importantly try with patterns that don’t use too much material and are quick to make how about some of these?

Another really great tip is to make sure that any material you buy you can buy again and it’s not a once off especially if the item you start making becomes wildly popular in that specific material! This will also come in handy when you have to relist items on Etsy or Amazon so you can just reuse the same listing.

If you have to start a new listing and you have been using social media like Pinterest for it and it’s now unavailable buyers will be going to a blank page and quickly leaving.

What could be easier and quicker than:

1. Reversible Placemats



If you want to up your game a bit how about a

2. Peekaboo Pouch



Best of all they are free to use to make and sell the projects once you get the hang of things.
You can put your own stamp on things as well.

3. Pet Leash



Here is a selection of items you can make and sell that are already for sale on Etsy:


4. Simple Zippered pouch



Can you really make money from sewing

Yes, you can make money from Sewing from home it’s totally doable.
One of the best things you can make is something that people would consider a necessity or something really useful because if you can you really will get people buying!


5. 10-minute Laptop sleeve

With the advent of super slim laptops who wouldn’t want a really cute sleeve for their laptop to protect it in your handbag.
Here is an easy peasy laptop sleeve:



6. Easy Baby Blanket

How about this super cute easy patchwork blanket for the little one in your life. It would make a fabulous present for a new baby.

Easy Baby Blanket Patterns to Sew

7. Journalling Bookmarks with Pencil holder

These Bookmarks would be a great craft to make and sell – they can be made from Jelly rolls ( these are strips of Fabric you can buy in a pack for patchwork ). The fabric strips will be all different patterns so you could make a super collection of different Bookmarks to sell.



The tutorial uses elastic to attach to the notebook material – you could also use strips of material but because they aren’t stretch you would have to make them up in a selection of sizes for different bullet journals.


8. Twenty minute Tote bag

How about this 20 minute Tote bag. Great for kids for college or school to carry around supplies.

The Twenty Minute Tote


9. Fat Quarters Door Stop



10. Simple Summer Backpack

These are great you can make them in a variety of different fabrics so you can make it for Adults or Kids.

How to Make a Drawstring Bag or Backpack



11. Easy Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Waterproof Patchwork Picnic Blanket Pattern

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of 11 Easy Sewing Crafts to make and sell. Start your own Craft Business today needing more information then check out these posts.

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