11 Useful Easy sewing patterns you can make and sell (Beginners Sewing Projects)

11 Useful Easy sewing patterns you can make and sell (Beginners Sewing Projects)


Are you just starting out on your Sewing journey and looking for some Easy sewing patterns that you can make and sell today?

How about this collection of Easy sewing patterns which will be perfect for beginners.

You have to start practising to get better at sewing so how about these simple sewing projects that will be fast to make. You can master them quickly and in no time you can start selling the finished projects.

Read on if you want to create some great useful easy sewing patterns.

Updated 8th November 2019

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Before we get started can I just run some things by you?


Beginners tips – Basic tips for a complete beginner

Once you learn to sewing it can open a whole world of possibilities for things you can make and sell:

  • Purses
  • Coin purses
  • Purse organisers
  • Quilts & patchwork quilts
  • PDF Patterns 

You can choose to hand sew or machine sew and these days a basic sewing machine can be bought for under a $150 like this one. 

If you need a sewing kit you can also buy one like this for less than $12 with everything you need to get you started.

Now that you have the tools you will need to learn how to use them here are some great resources to give you a helping hand:

  • If you want to learn to machine sew this specific resource will really help you out its a step by step guide you can use at your own pace.
  • Understanding different types of fabric
  • More FREE classes with videos if you want to learn more about sewing terms, fabrics and how to use your sewing machine plus how to start stitching this is a great all round resource.


So what are you going to go with – Hand sewing or machine sewing. Machine sewing will be quicker so consider this is you are going to be wanting to sell your items once you have perfected them.

You can run off lots of the same projects in half the time it would take with hand sewing.




So if you decide you want to go with a Sewing machine then check out these tips.

Best Sewing machines for Beginners

Don’t go and buy the most expensive sewing machine, you want something that will do what you need to get started. This sewing machine has great 5 star reviews and is perfect for beginners.


Here are some tips you want to look for when buying your first sewing machine.

Things to consider:

  • Mechanical vs computerised this is more a preference thing – mechanical is nosier computerised is quieter compare it to driving an automatic car rather than a manual you have to do less.
  • Reverse stitch would be a good option to have
  • Buttonhole automatic if you are going to be making lots of shirts this is a definite plus
  • Ability to alter some stitch sizes best if you can go with a 7mm max size so that you can accessories with lots of different feet otherwise you will be more restricted with a max size of 5mm. Also great if you intend to do quilting or patchwork.
  • Top loading bobbin is handy if you can see when your sewing that way you know when it’s going to run out!
  • Don’t forget to consider a second hand machine as well – if you go down this route make sure there is also a warranty included.


If you are still not sure check out this guide for a full run down of what you need to think about when buying a sewing machine.

If your curious or in a hurry here is a great selection of 5-star beginner options



Hand sewing for beginners – quick guide

If you aren’t technology minded or you don’t want to invest in a sewing machine till you get the basics right you can still learn to sew by Hand.

  • First you need to buy needles and spend some money on good threads and you can’t go wrong with Gutterman or Mettler and I have never had any issues when hand sewing with Gutterman.
  • Types of thread to buy depends on your fabric so if you are using cotton fabic then use cotton thread. Basically use like for like material and threads.

As with threads needles should be top notch if you can they will last you and not cause havoc when you come to use them. As a guide finer needles are used for thin and delicate fabric whilst heavy fabric needs thicker needles.

When hand stitching you have either decorative stitches or constructive stitches. One of the great things about hand sewing is it can be the best way to create “invisible “ stitching.

  • Hand sewn Back stitch is great for seams and zippers
  • Basting stitches are long running stitches used as a temporary measure to sew fabrics together before machine sewing them.
  • Slip stitch is a hem stitch when you want the stitch to be invisible
  • Chain stitch is a decorate stitch of loops
  • Blanket Stitch is used to decorate edges for projects
  • Button sewing – buttons which are not flat have to be hand sewn using an X configuration
  • Fabric yoyo is a gathered circle of fabric which can form a decoration piece for your projects.


Looking for more information or just curious how about this resource for more information on hand sewing

If I had to pick ONE it would be this one. ☑️ This Hand Sewing book gets great 5-star reviews on Amazon.

☑️ This Specific Hand Sewing Book gets Great 5-star reviews









Best Sewing Books for beginners

The Sewing Book: Over 300 Step-by-Step Techniques

New Complete Guide to Sewing: Step-by-Step Techniques for Making Clothes and Home Accessories

First Time Sewing: The Absolute Beginner’s Guide: Learn By Doing – Step-by-Step Basics and Easy Projects

Singer: The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing

Sew Me! Sewing Basics: Simple Techniques and Projects for First-Time Sewers


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Let’s get to it guy’s here is my round up of 11 fabulous Useful and Easy Sewing patterns you could make and sell


Purse organiser

﹏ Shop the supplies ﹏

Who wouldn’t want to buy a purse organiser? It’s such a great idea if you have a few purses and need to do a quick change from the old one to the new one when you change your outfits.

It may not be the easiest one to tackle maybe leave it to the later on but it will be a great seller.

Features –13 pockets ,6 mesh, 6 fabric, and one interior zipper pocket the instructions for the PDF are FREE and really easy to follow.

Price FREE PDF pattern

If your looking for different patterns here are a selection on Etsy.

Or if you simply want to buy a unique one then here are some gorgeous examples again on Etsy.


Reusable snack packs

﹏ Shop the supplies ﹏

Fancy making a quick project in 15 minutes how about these super easy reusable snack packs.

As people are becoming more environmentally minded this great idea will help to reduce sandwich plastic bags and replace them with reusable bags.

Make this an addition to your easy sewing patterns to make and sell.



Drawstring Gift bags


﹏ Shop the supplies ﹏


How about gift bags that can be reused again and again by each recipient! What about this idea for quick and easy drawstring gift bags to give those special gifts to loved ones.

Personalised this with cotton tassels and velvet ribbon and materials.




Phone charger holder


﹏ Shop the supplies ﹏


Great gift idea for anyone with a phone a handy phone charging holder to keep your phone safe when charging it.


Makeup organiser

How about a simple DIY makeup organiser great for travelling.


DIY Fabric Cord tidy

This project is quick and easy great for making use of lots of little bits of fabric and best of all if you got those annoying bunches of cables around the tv or computer then these little cord tidies are what you need to make.


Diy pencil case

DIY pencil case with lining great little project to cut your teeth with.



Here is a fabulous tutorial for sewing a pillowcase very clear and easy to follow and an easy pattern.


Laptop sleeve

This is the beauty of a project if you need a great laptop cover to keep it safe then this is a project to try.


Luggage tag labels

What could be more useful than luggage straps especially when they are homemade and you can identify your luggage on the carousel just from them! Perfect to make for up and coming holidays and whats more really simple and easy to make especially for a beginner.


15-minute Picnic blanket

This is a great idea for a Picnic blanket – making it from 2 table cloths one waterproof like oilcloth for the grass side and one cotton to side on. You just need to make sure you buy 2 table clothes that are the same size for this project.

You will also need ribbon to use to add to tie the table cloths up once you have finished using them.


Why don’t you try one of these 11 sewing patterns they are FREE and you could make these for sale? One tip is to contact the pattern owner to check its ok to use the pattern to sell the products first though.

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