easy DIY summer crafts

The weather is finally heating up here in Scotland and I am sure other places as well! so how about trying some of these easy DIY summer crafts.

Time to get those summer projects and crafts started to enjoy the good weather.

If you need to have some ideas ready for the kids during the summer break then these ideas are super easy and will keep them entertained!

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If you are stuck for ideas this post will give you plenty to look forward to getting stuck into.

Here 27 really Amazingly easy DIY summer crafts to try

DIY Painted Rock Garden Markers

If you are anything like me you end up planting your herbs or flowers and you can’t remember what you planted where!

At the moment I planted herbs just out my backdoor and now I have to wait till they get bigger to remember where I planted my chives, parsley and basil.

Avoid that and try this tutorial.


DIY Road trip Seat belt pillow

If you are planning a road trip, even a small one, how about this seat belt pillow.

It will save you from getting chaffed as well round the neck when driving especially if you are in summer clothes.


Bottle Cap wind chime

This will be a great project to get the kids involved with finding bottle caps. 

You can also save your caps from your drinks. The possibilities are endless.


Vertical vegetable growing idea for small spaces

If you are short on space how about using this idea of a vertical shoe organiser to grow herbs or salad leaves.

It’s so simple and ingenious makes me wish I had thought about doing it!


Towel Slipcovers for outdoor chairs

This is especially great if you have a pool ( just so you know Scotland is way too cold unless you have an indoor pool sigh!).

If you have the climate what about try this no need for towels just make the covers slip them on and way you go. 

No moving around and staining your cushions when you are using the chairs sounds great.

Easy cleaning too.


Polka Dot DIY flower planters

If your garden needs cheering up, how about these cute little polka dot pails?

Grab a few and with some spray paint you can transform them into these beauties.


DIY summer flowers garland

If you are into paper crafts this one looks great just for the summer.

Brighten up your house with this gorgeous garland.


Make a summer Pinwheel 

Needing decorations for a summer party?

Try these cute paper pinwheels.


Sun catcher Jellyfish 

Looking for an easy kids craft, how about this one a suncatcher Jellyfish.


Sponge water bombs

If you want to keep the kids entertained this summer try this option.

Great to keep the kids cool on hot days and to give them something great to make.


DIY Pineapple planters

This is a great craft for both kids and adults.

Bring tropical into your house and garden.


Pool noodle Sailboat

Super cute idea for kids to make.

Who doesn’t like a sailboat especially for your pool or even bath if you aren’t so lucky.


Mermaid Fin Hair clip

If you are looking for a new summer hair clip then this one is lovely. 

Great for kids to get involved and make as well.


Pom pom Ice cream necklaces

What screams summer more than ice cream yummy.

How about these lovely ice cream pom poms you can make them different sizes and create a garland for a kids party.

You could even get the kids to make the pom pom’s I remember it was one of the first crafts I learned to make using any cardboard we had in the house for templates no need to buy expensive pom pom makers.

Get the hot glue gun out.


Paper plate Llama’s

Here is a great one for the kids again. Using paper plates and a glue gun to create a lovely llama’s.


Pet Cactus Rocks

You can make these with the kids or get them to do this themselves although you will need glue dots for them to use rather than a hot glue gun.

Get them gathering rocks for mini terracotta pots.

Googly eyes give them a fun personality.


DIY Luggage tags

Needing luggage tags, how about these cute ones.

Use plastic toys to make cheery little luggage tags.

So if you need luggage tags for your summer vacations, sleepovers, even for school bags, get making.


Ice cream cone Garland

If you enjoyed the ice cream pom pom necklaces then this post will show you how to make a garland including how to make the pom pom’s.


DIY Fruit fans

Needing a fan to cool down with and needing to occupy the kids try this idea.


Pineapple Drawstring Backpack

What makes summer more than Pineapples!

Make this cute drawstring backpack for your kids to carry all their beach stuff.

All you need is pineapple type fabric and lining.

It looks straight forward and is a great project for a beginner sewer.


DIY Paper Fortune teller

I used to make these in primary school ( kindergarten for the folks in the USA ).

I loved making these but I never thought of making them into animals because they are so cute.


Beverage Station

Having a garden party, how about the fabulous beverage station.

Using lots of pails you can also store not just drinks but paper plates, cutlery and napkins.


Simple Paper Octopus

Paper dome octopus is a great idea for the summer to keep the kids entertained.


Mason Jar Citronella Torches

If you have a problem with bugs then these citronella torches will help to keep them at bay!


Paper Pinwheels 

If you are looking for DIY pinwheels that spin these gorgeous pinwheels will make you want to get creative straight away.


DIY Pineapple candles 

So for a summer fragrance how about trying these super cute pineapple candles great for gifts as well.

Change up the fragrance. How about watermelon?


Recycle and reusable water bottles

When it’s hot outside and you need to drink lots of water, how about getting the kids to decorate their own water bottles.


I hope you liked that round up of summer crafts to try for adults and kids.

What is stopping you getting the craft supplies out?

Try something today.

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