19 Easy FREE Crochet Baby Blanket patterns

19 Easy FREE Crochet Baby Blanket patterns

Looking for ideas for a Crochet Baby Blanket? How about some beginners patterns or projects you can start for a baby shower gift.

Crochet Baby blankets can be quick and easy to make even for beginners so don’t let it put you off picking up a hook and getting started.

Let’s carry on and see what you could make for the new baby coming into your life. 

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There are some great options for beginners and more advanced crocheters when it comes to baby blankets.

Colour options can be tricky for baby blankets options include:

Sticking with white,

Blue if you know its a boy or,

Pink if you know its a girl or 

A combo even,

Yellow is always safe,

If you get a sneak peak at the baby room how about a coordinating colour with that!

I like to go with white as it potentially could be used as a christening wrap if the parents are going down that route. So don’t stress too much about the colour go with your gut and what mum to be would like.

New to Crochet then here is a quick run down of supplies that you would need to make an adorable crochet baby blanket:

Best Tools & Resources for Baby Blankets

Best Crochet Hooks

First you need to buy a decent hook and there are two options:

Steel or Wood hooks my favourites include Tulip and Clover if you are looking for wood these are my two favourites both Birch – Brittany Crochet hooks and Knit Pro Symfonie Crochet hooks.

Wood is great if you want to go no steel. I don’t have preferences either way to either steel with plastic or wood just depends on how I feel. 

My favourite wood hooks include Knit pro Symfonie ( which is also beautiful) or Brittany hooks made from Birch again I have used both of these it is really what you like to hold. 

Steel with plastic grip – this is especially important if you are arthritic you need to make sure the grip is nice and easy for your thumb and the hook works well. Do not go with a full steel hook they are cool and uncomfortable to use (just my opinion). 

My favourite hooks include Tulip hooks which are pricey or Clover hooks not quick as pricey still good though I have a few of each in different sizes.

If you are working mostly with Worsted weight yarn ( DK yarn in the UK) then a size 5mm or 6mm crochet hook will be fine.

Best Yarns to use for Baby Blankets

If your making an heirloom blanket then a lacy type of yarn is best to start off with check out the patterns below for some inspiration.

Lacy blankets tend to be worked with a bigger hook to create a looser feel to the gauge and therefore a more lacy look. They can be fiddly if you are new to crochet you may be better sticking to a DK yarn with a bigger hook easier to see what you are doing!

Wool Yarn

Some of the best Wool yarns are Cascade superwash 220 wool the reason because you can get gorgeous colours in a machine washable wool.

Cotton Yarn

You don’t always need to make blankets from wool you can make some beautiful blankets from cotton yarn too.

Stylecraft has great Acrylic options as well as this they have great cotton threads which are very affordable.

Rico design cotton is one of my favourites it crochets up beautifully.

Patons Cotton Yarn and Lion Brand cotton are other lovely options.

Acrylic Yarns

Acrylic Yarns can be a great option for baby blankets because they wash really well and won’t shrink.

One of the best acrylic yarns is Stylecraft DK you can buy it from Deramore and they ship internationally.

Best Crochet Baby Blanket Books

If you are looking to delve into a book on Crochet Baby blankets there are quick a lot of lovely ones out there with adorable patterns from quick and easy blankets to patterns for both boys and girls.

Here are some of my favourites;

Best Crochet Stitches to use for a Baby Blanket

For those newbie crocheters just a note if you decide you want to try a pattern UK and US use different terms for the same crochet stitches so start with one ie. UK and stick with it till you get familiar with the stitches and reading patterns.

Otherwise you will get totally confused.

As with any kind of crochet blankets there are a few old favourites that work well for blankets:

Ripple Stitch for a Crochet Baby Blanket 

Once you get the hang of this its great for beginners. And it works up quickly don’t believe me check out this blanket that I only spent an hour a day on and made it in two months.

crochet ripple blanket

If you are looking for a lovely tutorial on Ripple stitch then this one is really good.

Granny Stitches not in your regular granny squares

If you have never tried Granny stitch in rows then now is the time to try its quick easy enough for beginners and just look at what you can do!


Granny stitch is basically Treble crochet or in US terms double crochet find instructions here.

Another great option for beginners.

Single Crochet Stitch ( Double crochet stitch in the UK)

Great stitch to start off with so if you are a beginner try a pattern using single crochet stitch. ( Double crochet in the UK)


Blanket stitch

This is another great little stitch for blankets handily called the Blanket stitch.


Sand stitch


Corner to Corner Chevron Stitch


Best Crochet blanket Edge Patterns

So one thing about blankets is that if you have made a gorgeous blanket then it deserves an equally gorgeous edge if your stuck at what to choose this book has tonnes and I mean tonnes of options.

What size should Crochet Baby Blanket be?

Typically a Crochet Baby blanket should be 45” by 60” for a crib this is what most people with crochet for.

The infographic below gives you some more size ideas these are just rough ideas for you don’t get totally worried if you aren’t doing this exact.

How many skeins of yarn do you need for a baby blanket?

If you follow a pattern they will always tell you how many skeins you need for your blanket assuming you are using the same brand recommended in the pattern. 

As long as you are using the same yarn weight it should be equivalent to same numbers of skeins. Watch out though as some yarns are in different size balls so make sure you are comparing the same ball size.

If you are going for a different brand pick up an extra skein of yarn you don’t want to chance running out of yarn when you are nearly finished.

Yarn calculator


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Ok, so now its time for the big reveal here is a round up of some adorable Crochet Baby blanket patterns

Quick and Easy Crochet Baby blanket patterns

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