10 Awesome Easter Sewing Crafts you could make and sell

10 Awesome Easter Sewing Crafts you could make and sell


Easter is rolling around pretty soon if you’re looking to get some Easter Sewing crafts going then check out this post for the Best Easy Easter Crafts to try you can also make and sell them.


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If you enjoy Sewing then how about some Easter crafts to enjoy making.

Lots of these projects can be done with scrap fabrics so it’s time to get your stash out and start planning!


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If you’re in a Hurry or (just Curious) and want a ready-made kit to try:

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If you are looking for Easter Sewing Crafts the check out this post today.


1.Easter Drawstring Bag Tutorial

This is really cute just the thing for your little one for Easter.


2. Quilted Easter Chicken Pouch

How about an Easter chicken pouch it would be great to put an easter egg in they are so cute. Great for using up scraps of material.



3. Ruffled Easter Egg T-Shirt

Again another project to use up scrap materials and how about jazzing up an old T-shirt and make it new again!

4. Spring Applique Pillow Cover

So if you really want it to feel like spring how about this colorful gorgeous pillow cover to update your home decor look. Another great fabric scrap project.


5. Easter Felt Chick

This is an easy DIY Felt Easter Chicken project you can miss out the legs if its for wee ones. Best of all this is a hand sewing project and quick to make up.



6. Easter Bunny Egg Cozy

Cute easy Easter Bunny Egg cozy to try nothing too hard if you’re having a boiled egg for brekkie.


7. Bunny Snack Pack

How about a lovely little basket for your Easter treats. Great little snack pack easy for a beginner to complete in an evening.  Personalize it for your family.



8. Cuddle Soft Easter Egg

If you want an alternative to decorating real eggs how about this gorgeous collection of beautifully decorated eggs. Quick and easy to make a soft Easter egg.



9. DIY Easter Bunny Napkins

Another project to hand sew or No sew using tape using white plain napkins that you can decorate using pom-pom trims.



10. Easter Chickens and Bunny decorations

Easter Chicken and Bunny decorations to brighten up your Easter table.

Great way to use scraps or upcycle your old clothes.


Brighten up your Easter this week and give some of these projects a try.


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