DIY scandinavian Christmas Craft Ideas ( for FREE)

DIY Scandinavian Christmas Craft Ideas ( for FREE)

DIY Scandinavian Christmas craft ideas

Are you looking to have a change with your Christmas decorations? How about a pared back approach by making DIY Scandinavian Christmas Crafts. If you are looking for DIY Scandinavian Christmas craft ideas then try this post.

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One of the easiest way to decorate for Christmas is by taking inspiration from Scandinavian countries. So if its Hygge, Nordic or Scandi design inspiration you are after read on.

Here we go try some of these 13 Scandinavian inspired Christmas decorating ideas.

1. Bobbin wreath using vintage wooden spools

This looks just gorgeous and minimalist if you are looking for an unusual wreath this year.

Try gathering some vintage wooden spools and attaching them to a template cane wreath.

2. Simple Dry fruit wreath

If you are going for a really minimalist look then try this wreath using dried citrus, pine cones and greener tied together with burlap ribbon. You could easily use some of your extra Christmas tree branches as greener too so no wastage.

3.DIY Christmas Countdown advent calendar

How about this cute make your own Hygge inspired advent calendar using scrap wood.

4. Coin Envelope Advent Calendar

If you are looking for something even easier this advent calendar use coin envelopes with decoration on a cork board.

All you need to do is fill the envelopes with treats.

5. Bird seed ornament 

To trim your outside trees and also give the birds a treat. This lovely bird ornament will jazz up your garden.

6. Boxwood wreaths on upholstered chairs

These are a beautiful way to make your table christmas and thanksgiving ready.

These beautiful wreaths can be made with greener from the garden and adding a lovely burlap slash.

7. Rustic tree ornaments

If you want a really cost effective way to make scandi type ornaments then this tutorial is for you. Try these lovely scandinavian christmas tree decorations as they are just lovely.

8. Rosemary wreath place cards

Here are some lovely ways to make place cards for Christmas or thanksgiving tables.

9. Scandinavian Christmas Tree decorations

Keep it minimalist with these Scandinavian inspired tree ornaments. Black, white and silver so forget about the tinsel go for simple.

10. Paper stars

If you have ever wanted to give origami a go these lovely stars in newspapers or white cards will really add to the Scandi vibes.

11. Embroidery decoration for a Scandinavian theme

If you are good at embroidery this lovely tree in the Scandianvian style will really lift any gifts like napkins, tea towels, or any linen.

12. Tomte Gnome Christmas pillow pattern

If you can sew then how about this Nordic style pillow pattern.

It is really unusual and inspired by very traditional Scandinavian design.

13. Scandinavian Inspired Candle wreath

Lovely eucalyptus candle wreath to hang in your window.

There you go start getting your supplies ready to make your home Scandinavian, Hygge or Nordic inspired up to you which term you use but lots of nice paired back ideas that can also save you money.

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