13 DIY Family Command Center Ideas (to copy)

13 DIY Family Command Center Ideas (to copy)

Is family life getting very disorganized?

Do you need a solution to get things under control??

Do you know what you need? And It is called a DIY command center if you want to find out more read on….

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What is a Command center anyway?

Basically it is a central area that is neat and organized with all the stuff your family need to know about like:

  • Appointments
  • Chores lists
  • Shopping lists
  • Homework
  • Mail
  • Bills

What should you have for a Command center?

Firstly they should all have things like

Calendars for schedules

Bulletin board for messages

Wall mount for file folders for bills and mail

With other options include a desk and chalkboard

Setting up your own Command center will depend on what you and your family needs so it is really an individual choice.

Command Center Ideas 

From Top Left to Right

Calendar Board that is magnetic from Etsy

Command center Mail organizer tradtional wooden one from Etsy

If you want to go metal how about these recycled mail organizers on Etsy

Bottom Left to Right

For a completely modern take these come as different colours on Etsy

Command center Chalkboard shelf on Etsy

Wooden Kitchen Clock on Etsy rather nice don’t you think.

Here are some great ideas for DIY Command centres:

Command Center Set up

If you are wonder what you should have in your DIY Command center set up then this command center has it all including a place for your bills, mail, a notepad and even meal plans.


Chic and simple DIY Command center

Loving this one so clean and simple with the blackboard incorporating to do lists along with the important calendar.


Corner Command Center setup

If you don’t have a whole lot of space this command center uses up the space in a corner spot.


Simple customizable Command Center

If you like organization with your command center then this one is fully customizable and modular so you can make updates super easily!


End Wall DIY Command Center

If you have an end spare wall that you can use to create a DIY command center then this one has it all!

Clock, Calendar, mail slots and clipboards.


Kitchen Command Center

Simple command center that has chore charts and home work slots


Large Calendar DIY Command Center

This is another simple set up with just one large calendar and desk organizers have been used to attach to the wall for a variety of options which have all been separately labelled.


Colourful DIY Command Center

Needing some colour added to your command center try this option.


All in one DIY command Center

If you want something that’s all in one this idea is great it comes a complete package so you can customize yourself.


Large Command Center

If you have a large wall here is an example of what you can do.


Unusual full on DIY Command center with magnetic board

If you are really creative try some of these ideas – the magnetic board is fabulous.


Another Corner Wall DIY Command center


DIY Simple command center


Is it time to get your family life organized?

Wouldn’t you just feel like you could command the entire military!

Don’t wait get your life organized to reduce your stress.

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