14 Amazing Genius Cricut Hacks (to save you money)

14 Amazing Genius Cricut Hacks (to save you money)

If you are starting out on your journey with your brand new Cricut then you will want to read this post. Discovers 14 Awesome Genius Cricut hacks that will save you money today.

Don’t miss out on these cricut hacks start reading now!

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Let’s get down to it some Genius Cricut Hacks you really need to try out today.

Use Glad press n’ seal 

Instead of using transfer paper try Glad press n’seal instead. Make sure you use some press n’seal the same size as your vinyl design. Press the tacky side of the press n’seal onto the vinyl and smooth it down using a vinyl scraper. You should be able to peal the press n’seal away from the vinyl along with the design sticking to it. Then add it to your project and remove easy peasy- and a bonus is that you can see how you are applying it.



Lint Remover

This is a great way to get rid of small bits of vinyl or glitter from your mats. If you need a bit more cleaning use alcohol-free baby wipes. 

For more cleaning hacks try using Dollartree’s Awesome cleaner yep it’s only a $1. It will remove any leftover debris that the lint roller didn’t managed to remove.

Lint Roller Hack number 2

If you have made a really intricate design that you need to remove bits of card or vinyl using a weeding tool how about using the lint roller instead. This will be much quicker than the weeding tool. 


Painters Tape

Wrap painters tape around your non dominant hand so that the sticky side is uppermost. Whilst your weeding your design you can add your excess bits to your tape rather than in a stack on your craft table and avoid getting bits everywhere. 

If you don’t fancy using painters tape how about using an old tissue box to drop your bits in instead.

Easy tack or other Adhesive spray to restick your Cricut mat

Once you use your mats regularly they can lose their stickiness but you can restick them. No more having to buy new mats!

Use the painters tape you bought for the other hack and tape the edges of your mats that need resticky. Next respray it using adhesive spray and leave it to dry overnight.


Cricut Pen alternatives

Use Makers, sharpies or even coloured crayons in your cricut using a hair tie instead of the cricut pen adaptwr – remove this. Once you removed the pen adapter you simply wrap a hair tie around your pens and insert them into the pen holder making sure to press it all the way down.


Vinyl storage using Ikea dispenser bag holders

How about storing your vinyl in Ikea dispense bag holders they are the perfect size of vinyl or iron on vinyl. Your vinyl will be easily accessible from now on!


Use Freezer paper to make stencils

Did you know you can use freezer paper to make stencils yep you can indeed.

You can also use a craft knife if you don’t have a Cricut machine.


Mark your Cricut Mats 

It is important to use your Cricut mats the correct way so make sure you make a mark on them so that you can see which way to add them to your Cricut machine.


Cricut Blade sharpening

If you are finding that your blades are becoming blunt this is a really cheap easy hack that will sharpen them without costing the earth. Get some aluminum foil and scrunch it up into a ball then simply press cricut blades in and out a few times making sure you press down the plunger to get the blade full out.


Using up Vinyl Scraps

Don’t throw away your vinyl scraps instead save them for future use.

How about using the Cricut app and using the Snap Mat feature.

Layout all your scraps on your mat and then take a picture of your mat. You can then arrange designs over your scraps and therefore use them to cut out perfect designs and use your scraps. Clever hack isn’t it!


How to avoid Paper Curls

It can be incredibly frustrating to peel off your paper design to find it curls. So how can you avoid this?

All you need to do is peel the mat away from the paper rather than the paper peeled away from the mat.

Reuse Transfer Paper

If you haven’t guessed you can reuse transfer paper. Don’t chuck it away after you have used it once – reuse it. How many times can you reuse it well it depends on how rough you are with it but keep using it till you can’t get perfect transfers any more.

Reuse the plastic sheets with new Mats

When you get new Cricut mats you get a plastic cover with it don’t chuck this you can restick it to your mat and it will protect the mat from getting covered in hairs, fibers and dust.


Cricut supplies

I hope you enjoyed these hacks and they helped you to save some money. Try some of these hacks the next time you have your cricut out you will be amazed what you can do.

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