Ultimate Craft Room Organization & Projects (DIY Ideas)

Ultimate Craft room organization & Projects (DIY Ideas)

If you don’t have a craft room don’t worry there are other options out there. What about how some ideas to create an awesome Craft closet? This post will help with Ideas for the Ultimate craft room organization & projects.

Do you have a cupboard in a room that was maybe a fitted wardrobe that you could convert to a craft room closet?

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If you are going to remodel a small space for your crafts then places like under the stairs or closet areas would be ideal any small space you can fit storage and of course a desk to craft on would work.

Craft Room organization ideas and clever DIY organization hacks so you can plan your project on a budget – here are some fun and ingenius hacks to declutter and organize your craft room even in the smallest space.

Craft Room Organization Ideas

Here are some clever ways you can organize your craft room in a closet or under the stairs.

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If you are going to organize your craft room in a small space then you need to think about how you are going to add a craft table or desk here are some great ideas for a small craft room.

Craft Room Table/ Desk Ideas

If you are working in a small space then a collapsible wood table with leaves or a flip up table would be ideal.

Desk options for a small space include:

Flip up desk


Desk on wheels

Desk fitted in the closet 


This is by far my favourite option you potential could get the full width of the closet so you have lots of shelf space for things like more storage or printer or Cricut machines.

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Craft Room Storage Drawer ideas

If you need ideas for Drawer storage have a look at some of these hopefully they will inspire you to get decluttering!

Even if you just have drawers for you projects rather than a craft closet give them a declutter.

Printer Roller Carts

How about movable storage these roller carts would be great to use for your printer or cricut machine.

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Don’t forget the walls they can offer you plenty of storage solutions too. There are lots of different ways to use wall space one of the most functional is using a Pegboard.

Check out these inspiration Pegboard solutions:

Craft room Pegboard solutions

From building your own Pegboard solution to shopping for accessories the options are endless for wall storage in your small craft room or closet.

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Don’t forget pegboards aren’t the only wall storage solutions how about this for an gorgeous idea:


You can easily recreate this look.

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Craft Room Closet Doors

Don’t forget the doors to your closet. They can also be super useful – here are some ideas for using them too.

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Ok, so you have plenty of great ideas for you craft room but you are still a bit stuck how about some ideas for specific craft storage ideas.

So if you are into sewing, knitting, crochet or paper crafts there should be some ideas for you to storage your craft supplies.

Specific Crafts storage Ideas

Sewing fabric 

Here are some unusual ways to store fabric. You could also use some of these ideas for cardboard or paper crafts too.

Filing cabinets or Shelf units

| |

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Yarn Storage

You could dedicated an old dresser remodel it hold all your yarn or use an upright storage bag.


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Vinyl or Paper storage

Thin style filing cabinets would be the best to store paper or even vinyl sheets.

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Small Space ideas for Craft Room Closets

If you need to corral your craft supplies into a small space how about a closet. If you are going to have to use your guest room this is a simple solution that will mean with closing your closet doors you tidy away your craft materials.

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Declutter your Craft room supplies 

Before you begin:

Before you can decide on how you are going to store your craft supplies and create a workable space you need to declutter!

Yep get all those supplies out and decide what you have used and what you haven’t used and give what you haven’t used away.

Once you have done the declutter bit it will be much easier to see what you have left and give you more of an idea at what type of storage solutions you need to look for.

Upcycle or Recycle:

You could also try thrifty stores for unloved furniture you could upcycle.

So don’t think you have to spend lots of money.

Don’t forget you are the craft person so make sure you make a space that is inspiring to you.

For instance add colours to the wall or even wall stencils.

Why should you organize your Craft room

Simply to be able to find things for projects but also to give you inspiration for new projects when you can see all the craft supplies you never know when inspiration will strike.

Once you have organized your supplies you will find it also surprisingly stress free when it comes to working in your Craft space.

You simply won’t dread going into your craft room.

Maintaining Your Tidy Craft room

Now this is a must once you have reorganized and declutter you need to do daily maintenance otherwise it will end up a cluttered mess again.

Return all used items back to their home in your craft room no ifs or buts this way when you finished for the day this includes tidying up!

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