9 Beginners Cold process Soap recipe Ideas

9 Beginners Cold process Soap recipe Ideas

If you are looking for beginners soap making recipes then try these options for 9 great beginners cold process soap recipe ideas to try today.

Making cold process soap doesn’t need to be hard, you just need to be methodical like cooking.

The great thing about making soap is you can end up making lots of bars with one recipe – 1kg will make a lot of bars.

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If you are not sure which recipes to choose check out some of the great cold process soap recipes which are especially good for beginners.

Swirled Rose Soap Tutorial


I love rose essential oils but they are pricey if you want something almost the same then rose geranium is a good alternative.

Or you could use synthetic rose fragrance.

Simple palm free oil soap recipe


If you are wanting to make a palm free recipe this one couldn’t be simpler the addition of shea butter will help to make it extra luxurious.

Sunflower Soap Recipe


If you are looking for a citrus smelling soap this one fits the bill.

May chang essential oil adds a hint of floral but still gives you a citrus hit.

Perfect soap for the family.

Tumeric and Papaya Cold process soap recipe


How about adding fruit to your soap yes its entirely possible.

Tumeric adds colour to the soap along with the papaya which because it has sugar in it makes the soap even more lathery.

Papaya also has exfoliation properties so if you are looking for something gentle to remove dead skin this recipe is a great one to choose.

Lemongrass Natural Soap


I am a big fan of citrus and floral fragrances soaps it gives you such a lift when you use them in the morning – I think anyway.

This soap has grapefruit and Lemongrass essential oils so definitely full on citrus.

Rose geranium Cold process soap


If you love floral rose scents you will like this with a hint of cedarwood.

French green clay and charcoal Facial soap recipe


This is a wee bit more complicated than just the other recipes but you can still accomplish this even if you are a beginner.

I would add essential oil of your choice to this recipe as well something like lavender would be good or rose geranium for the face do not add more than 3% essenital oils to this facial soap.

That would be 3% of the total amount of soaping oil by weight so for a one pound batch of soap pound (454g) batch of soap that would be 0.48 ounces or 13.6g.

 3% of the total amount of soaping oils in a soap recipe by weight. 3% of a one pound batch of soap is a total of 0.48 ounces or 13.6g.

I also would forget the mould being in slant best to leave it flat. Split your soap mixture in half once you have reached very light trace this is the point at which the has only just thickened and there is a slight trace of mixture in the soap when you pull the blender out. It will be like a thin batter. Add the essential oils at this point and split the mixture and add the different clays making sure to blend in well so that it is dispersed see tips in the recipe.

Add the soap mixture to create two layers one on the bottom of the mould and the second one on the top by this time the mixture will have thickened nicely so should stay separate.

Wild Rose and Yarrow Soap

Lovey easy soap with yarrow and rose. You will need to infuse your olive oil with yarrow and rose and the longer you can do this the more infused your olive oil will be.

Cucumber Mint Soap


This recipe uses cucumber and mint tea as added liquid to the soap ingredients.

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I hope you enjoyed this run through of some easy beginners cold process soap recipe ideas.

If you haven’t made soap before beware its highly addictive and you end up making so much that have to give it away.

It does make great gifts for friends and family.


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