12 Coastal Living Room Ideas (for Home Decor)

12 Coastal Living Room Ideas for Home decor 

Are you wanting to inject some Coastal Living room ideas into your Living room? How about trying some of these Coastal Living room ideas for home decor?

You could feel like you are on vacation every single day!

Find inspiration for your living room today.

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What is Coastal decorating style?

It is basically bringing the seaside into your house.

Think beach colours of turquoise blues, sand and neutral colours alongside an injection of colour like red or yellow.

You can do various styles of coastal decor from contemporary to rustic.

White walls in wood panelling or wicker accessories with some driftwood thrown in for good measure can all create that beach feel.

Contemporary Coastal style living room

If you are looking to inject a modern twist onto Coastal decor for your living room how about this one.

Light airy curtains and a modern white sofa set off by blue and white cushions and accessories make this feel cool and peaceful.

The coffee table really injects the modern vibe along with the contemporary style sofas.

Rustic Beach vibe


How cool is that chandelier? It gives you instant rustic beach vibes doesn’t it.

The rustic rattan blinds also help to give a more down to earth feel along with the wicker seats.

If you want to create rustic coastal introduce some beach finds from driftwood to shells and display them on the coffee table or book shelf.

Look out for cool blue and white accessories and rugs to help add more nautical style.

Sun Bleached Hues 


If you want to go nautical but not navy and white how about some subtle cool blues and whites in pale colours to give that hint of nautical but not full on.

The white wicker furniture doesn’t scream full on nautical either easy to pick up some pieces even at yard sales or thrift stores and refurbish them into stunning white pieces.

Lakeside retreat


How about a lakeside retreat this is a cross between farmhouse and beach themed for me.

Large cozy sofas in neutral colours with blue and white accessories and a rustic blue and white rug.

Not too full on with a white washed coffee table to complete the look.

This would be a great one to recreate without spending too much money.

White walls, and coastal accessories plus a rug and you could completely updated your look.

Bold Colours Coastal Living room Ideas

If you do bold go for only a couple of colours here they have gone for blue and green as the theme.

The beach theme is still in there with the stripe chairs and modern rattan furniture.

Brighton Beach hut style


If you don’t know what a beach hut is – basically its a small hut with basic facilities situated on a beach.

It is a place to dump your stuff for the day at the beach and entertain.

They are always colourful with full on nautical flare with red white and blues to complement the beach theme.

Think bold and fun.

Chic Hampton’s style living room 

Elegant and spacious and light sums up Hampton’s chic.

Think glamorous furniture and accessories with the usual beach feel like here with the checked and striped sofas and chairs.

Brilliant All white style


If you want to do simple then this all white theme is easy to do along with a few accessories.

All white shiplap walls along with a white sofa really make it feel beachy.

The blue and white rug along with the rattan coffee table and sailboat all hint at a nautical theme.

Miami glamour


If you love glam how about this for a look Miami glam over the top with hints of beach.

Sophisticated Mediterranean style


Go for light and warm tones with natural fabrics and accessories.

The ochre pillows complement the basket seat to give you that Mediterranean flare.

The blue and white accessories also introduce the coastal chic loving the white and blue vases.

Go full on Nautical

You don’t need to be by the beach to inject a nautical fresh feel.

I love the basket style seats in dark blue along with the striped fabric and pillows no disguising this theme.

This is modern and fresh so no need to feel you can’t do this in your house if you aren’t by the beach.

Tropical Coastal style

For me this is pure beach style if you are lucky enough to have a house like this right near the beach.

Light airy and full of wood in white.

Modern sofas with a hint of blue, green and wicker furniture and indoor palms.

Airy Porch Coastal style


Don’t forget your porch if you want to create that beach style how about the porch area.

What are you waiting for start your remodel today.

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