Fabulous Coastal Home Decor Ideas (to Seaside your bedroom)

Fabulous Coastal Home Decor Ideas (to Seaside your bedroom)

Looking for a serene and calm bedroom then DIY Coastal Home Decor Ideas can help you bring the beach to your bedroom.

Think beach vacations and waking up feeling like you are holiday every morning.

Think turquoise, white and sandy colours, the feel of the beach between your toes.

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If you not sure how to create that look then read on for plenty of ideas to get you started.

How do you add the Beach to your Bedroom?

Most important is to think texture and calmness.

Colours are from the sand and sea so all shades of blues and of course yellows to introduce the sunshine.

Driftwood accents and natural fabrics help to create that seaside feel.

Coastal Home Decor Ideas for Bedroom Furniture

You don’t need to go with pure wood for Coastal beds think colours as well and metal beds will work well for a tropical bedroom feel.

Think lovely textured materials like wood or metal or even an upholstered bed can give you a coastal hampton style too.

Coastal beds

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  1. Reclaimed Drift wood headboard from Etsy – this gorgeous head board certainly gives you the beach feel in Turquoise and grey. You also get the option to have a customized cutout on the headboard the sailboat would be perfect.
  2. Griffin Wooden Bed frame from Etsy – if you want that typical beach style how about this lovely wooden distressed bed frame with a white or off white colour.
  3. Linen Headboard with Leather straps from Etsy – create a seaside style with this natural linen headboard that can be located in any bedroom. Genuine leather straps and anchors with colour options.
  4. Tropical Coastal Metal framed bed from Etsy – This is just gorgeous how about customised colour for your bed to create a tropical coastal style for your bedroom. If you really want to go all out how about green or even pink.
  5. Drift wood style custom built solid Wood bed frame from Etsy – Drift wood style nautical style bed with generous proportions. Looking for a great example to create that nautical style this bed would be perfect.
  6. Walnut luxury coast style bed from Etsy – if you want to go all out luxury for a coastal style how about this gorgeous walnut bed with a blue epoxy. Unusual coastal style bed that could give you the wow factor.
  7. Turquoise Upholstered luxury Seaside style from Amazon – If you want to add a touch of cosiness and glamorous seaside style how about this gorgeous turquoise padded bed direct from Amazon.
  8. Minimalist Coastal style Bed from Amazon – how about this minimalist style bed that you can put in minutes from Amazon. If you want clean lines with a coastal style this will be perfect.

Nautical inspired Accent and storage Furniture

Storage furniture can inject a touch of ocean too so don’t forget to think wicker, bamboo or distressed wood and hues of blue.

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  1. Nautical Blue and White Ottoman from Etsy – this is lovely isn’t it really coastal style with boat printed material perfect for the end of your bed for storage.
  2. Blue painted chest of drawers with nautical accents from Etsy – great storage potential for this chest of drawers in navy blue perfect to add nautical to your bedroom
  3. Unusual decoupaged 1930 style pine chest of drawers from Etsy – perfect for child’s nautical themed bedroom, fun and colourful and very full on nautical.
  4. Gorgeous Navy and white patterned chair from Amazon – perfect for your bedroom
  5. White washed rattan storage boxes from Amazon– perfect to help you with your bedroom storage and add beach themed to your bedroom
  6. White wash bedside table with rope pull handle from Amazon – go full on nautical with these bedside tables

Coastal Home Decor Ideas: Nautical Bedroom Linens

If you want a quick update to your bedroom how about changing out the linens for the bed. Here are some ideas to get you started.

How about this selection from Wayfair:

Here are some more options from Amazon:

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  1. Tropical Leaf printed Percal Duvet set from Wayfair if you want to go full on tropical this duvet set will fill the bill for you.
  2. Zebeddee Percale Duvet set from Wayfair full on coastal stripe duvet set from Wayfair if you want the traditional coastal look this will give it to you.
  3. Flensburg 180 TC Percale Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair this lovely minimalist striped design will add immediate scandi feel and with the tassel finish adds full on glam.
  4. Heathwood Charlotte Thomas Print Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair is a lovely set featuring a contemporary nautical design
  5. Isla Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair is a stunning coastal decor bedroom set if you want the wow factor.
  6. Mako Satin Reversible Duvet Cover Set from Wayfair in a more traditional striped satin fabric best of all its reversible and gives you that beach hut feel.
  7. Blue and white Seashell pattern duvet set from Amazon – 100% cotton in jersey knit with a blue and white seashell pattern to include a little of coastal into your bedroom – I love the fact its got zipper seams for easy changing over.
  8. Coastal Stripes Collection Duvet set from Amazon – wanting more stripes check these stripes out if you are looking for hypoallergenic.
  9. Sail boat duvet cover with 2 pillow shams from Amazon – although this says its for kids it does have different sizes and I think it looks great with reversible stripes pattern and it is all cotton too.

Coastal Home Decor Ideas: Coastal curtains

If you are looking for coastal style curtains how about this selection from Wayfair.

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  1. Jovie Eyelet Room Darkening Single Curtain from Wayfair – if you are looking for horizontal stripes to give you a nautical look in different colours of blue.
  2. Eyelet Room Darkening Curtains from Wayfair – sophisticated stripes in blue and white
  3. Hingham Pencil Pleat Semi Sheer Curtain from Wayfair – if you are looking for full on blue and white nautical vibe
  4. Shell Pencil Pleat Blackout Thermal Curtains from Wayfair – these curtains give you coastal look with a shell pattern.
  5. Pinch Pleat Blackout Thermal Curtains from Wayfair – full on coastal curtains to give you full on nautical.
  6. Linear Stem Eyelet Room Darkening Curtains from Wayfair – Orla Kiely design curtains with a nautical vibe to give you a coastal feel without it being too full on.
  7. Navy sheer curtains with silver sailboats from Amazon – lovely sheer curtains with embroidered detail perfect to act as a blind along with some plain curtains.
  8. Blue and white striped tie up sheer curtains from Amazon – roman design style curtains that would really lift your bathroom.
  9. Elegant navy and white striped curtain from Amazon – colour block curtains to add a little nautical style to your home.

Coastal Home Decor Ideas: Coastal pillows and blankets

If you like pillows you will love this section some pillows and blankets for your bedroom to add a touch of beach.

  1. Uppingham Blanket from Wayfair – lovely navy and beige plaid pattern giving it a nautical vibe in 100% organic cotton.
  2. Willow Tree Floral Bazaar Throw from Wayfair – in a gorgeous turquoise stripe cotton fabric
  3. Schuyler Throw from Wayfair – in a lovely blue and white tie dye pattern breezy coastal style in cotton.
  4. Gaia Cushion Cover from Wayfair – striped coloured pillows in green, yellow and blue.
  5. Ashlei Cotton Cushion Cover from Wayfair – great value cotton striped cushion cover
  6. Mountview Cushion Cover from Wayfair – if you want pastel chic this is so glamours and hints at tropical coast chic.

If you are thinking of DIY home conversion to a more coastal look then this post has given you plenty of ideas to try.

Start thinking about how you can transform your bedroom with some small pieces.

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