Beautiful FREE Christmas Crochet Wreaths Patterns

Beautiful FREE Christmas Crochet Wreaths Patterns

Have you thought of making your own Christmas wreath. If you can crochet how about trying one of these gorgeous free Christmas crochet wreath patterns.

Save money and create something that you can use each year and that creates a lovely chic home decor project.

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If you don’t want to make your own christmas wreath but want something stylish how about some of these beauties from Etsy.

So if you have run out of time or just don’t want to DIY then try one of these wreaths that I have specialty selected – personally I love the last one. 

Selection of cute Crochet Christmas Wreaths

Snowflake and Amaryllis wreath

Christmas tree and snowball wreath

Fabric and crochet Wreath

Crochet blue and white wreath

Robin Wreath

Bunny Wreath

Acorns and snowflakes wreath

8 Seriously gorgeous Christmas crochet wreath patterns that are free for you to use

Crochet Snowflake Wreath

This is simply stunning. It is simple but stylish with lots of different snowflakes.

The snowflakes crochet patterns consist of only two snowflakes and the wreath is just yarn wrapped around. You could also crochet if you prefer.

Crochet Farmhouse winter wreath

If you want something simple and not too fussy then this is the one for you. 

Beautiful Simple Crochet Wreath for Christmas

Beginners simple crochet wreath to try for your Christmas decorations.

Gorgeous Winter wreath

This won’t be a beginners project but if you want to give it a try here is the instructions from Attic24.

Not as complicated Winter Wreath

If you loved the Winter wreath from Attic24 but its too complicated for you then try this simpler yet cute wreath.

Snowman and snowball winter wreath

If you want something cute and with easy elements, how about this snowball and snowman wreath if you wanted to make it easy you could use pom poms instead of making crochet balls.

Crochet Robin Wreath

This wreath is lovely isn’t it. Personally I wouldn’t use stick on eyes but I would embroider eyes on for the robins as it looks a bit comic with the stick on eyes.

Plain and simple Cozy Christmas wreath

If you are looking for something chic and plain how about this wreath.

There you have it 8 Winter Crochet Wreaths for Christmas time.

Pick up your crochet hook and start making them because Christmas is just round the corner.

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