9 Chic Farmhouse Bedrooms (Home Decor Ideas)

9 Chic Farmhouse Bedrooms (Home Decor Ideas)

Double bed with white linen, makeup table with a vase of flowers in the modern bedroom.

Want to consider turning your fixer upper bedroom into a gorgeous space how about trying these chic Farmhouse bedrooms styles?

Try some inspiration to turn your bedroom into a Farmhouse bedroom using these home decor ideas.

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What is Rustic farmhouse Style?

Are you wondering what rustic farmhouse style actually is?  

Basically its simplicity with not necessary matching pieces of furniture.

It is all about using natural colours and coverings so think linens, cottons and whites or creams.

Repurposing items and distressed looking items will work well for a Rustic Farmhouse style so get time to get your paint brushes out to update existing pieces.

Here goes some fabulous chic Farmhouse Style bedrooms to drool over:

Statement Antlers

If you are in a vintage shop or thrift store and come across antlers or similar how about hanging them above your bed. Crisp linen striped sheets and mute decor can achieve this look.

Vintage Farmhouse

When you think of Farmhouse you think of this. Well I do anyway. 

Checked linens and flowery blankets can instantly update your look. 

Along with a distressed headboard.

Elegant but Cosy

Adding a statement Chandelier can really update your look. It really adds to the glamour of this cosy farmhouse bedroom.

Still with farmhouse accents like floral pillows and checked comforters have an elegant ceiling light can really lift the room.


Black and White Farmhouse Bedroom

Wow look what you can do with the ceiling in this one from Houzz. Paint it black and coordinate with black and white check comforters and one dark piece of furniture.

The rest of the room is kept white to off set the black ceiling. Find out how to recreate this look at houzz.

Modern Farmhouse Style

With a few chosen accessories a gorgeous bed you can create a lovely modern Farmhouse style bedroom without breaking the budget.

Its important to add lots of textures if you are going with this look.

Think minimal and plain not too much happening with this design and you would be hard pressed to tell if it was a masculine or feminine style bedroom.


Neutral Farmhouse Style

Neutral tones and crisp linens and gorgeous bed helps to create this beautiful look. If you’re looking for traditional with a sprinkle of modern this is one for you to try out. If you want to try the style find out more at Houzz.

Blue & White Farmhouse style bedroom

This is a wonderful makeover showing you just what you could do from thistlewoodfarms. Blue and white doesn’t mean a beach themed or coastal theme home decor. You can do farmhouse style in blue and white think french farmhouse style. 

Some well chosen accessories in blue and white can really lift the room like here with these rugs.


Colour in Farmhouse Style

Yes you can use colour even though most of the time it should be neutral but just look what you can do with just one colour. 

If you are going to go with one colour add it to the room in various shades don’t just go with the one shade and coordinate it with soft furnishings in the same colour shades and textures. 

Recreate the look here from Houzz.

Canopy but Modern Farmhouse Style

If you want to add a canopy how about trying a modern look but with a more traditional bed not a full canopy but with a bit of canopy.

Neutral tones again and cosy rugs and pillows.

From Houzz.

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Try Farmhouse Bedroom styles

The great thing about Farmhouse Bedroom styles is that a look of it you can DIY without spending too much money as it can be repurposed furniture from thrifty stores along with lovely accessories.

Try your perfect farmhouse bedroom today.

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