15 Chic Beach Themed Bedroom (Ideas to Try)

15 Chic Beach Themed Bedroom (Ideas to Try)

Find your perfect bedroom makeover idea. If you love nautical chic then these 15 Chic beach themed bedroom ideas will get you started today.

Trying a bit of seaside in your life will make you feel like you are on vacation every day.

If you are stuck for Coastal chic styles then read on.

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What is Coastal Chic Home Decor?

If you are wondering what Coastal Chic is basically think the colours of the beach:

  • Turquoise
  • Blue
  • White
  • Sand
  • Yellow

Stripes also feature heavily when it comes to Beach theme bedrooms this can look so fresh and clean looking.

You can add texture with drift wood accessories or distressed wooden furniture to enhance that seaside feel.

There are different styles of Coastal Elegant Home decor with American Coastal being the favourite – this is a relaxed style with nautical styled home furnishings.

Tropical Coastal as the name suggests incorporates bright tropical prints and colours as well as that nautical influence and wood furniture.

Adding plants to your room can also bring the outdoors into your house so go for the tropical plants like orchids or palms.

OK, Lets get started with your Coastal elegant bedroom today.

Shiplap Style for a Chic Beach themed bedroom

You can’t go wrong with a bit of shiplap

Create Beach look with a Colourful Hint of yellow

Isn’t this striking – just adding one bright colour to this bedroom has really enhanced the chic Seaside theme without making it look tacky.

Everything else is plain and simple with plenty of light and space.

All White Nautical style

Yes you can create nautical without stripes and too much colour.

This bright and airy room with shiplap on the wall and some blue flowery pillows really gives you the beach theme BUT subtlety.

If you don’t want to go full on seaside try this look to inject a little of the Hampton’s seaside style into your bedroom.

Full on Beach themed Vacation Bedroom

Are you wanting to go all out how about this bedroom for the full on Beach experience.

Blue walls with wooden decor.

Striped rug and a bright yellow chair all work together to give you a full on bedroom where you can feel like you are on vacation every morning.

Canopy style bedroom with Nautical Navy

Amazing bed strung from the ceiling with a nautical edge to the home decor.

Hints of turquoise from the lamps and crisp white sheets add to this cool elegance without it looking nightly clubby with the hanging bed.

Muted striped rug also brings everything together.

Bamboo Rattan and blue hues

This just screams nautical doesn’t it! From the wavy wall paper to the Surf sign and wooden blinds you don’t need much to create the beach feel.

Although the wallpaper is muted it still gives you the feeling of the sea.

Soft wooden furniture helps to continue the beach theme the bed is so unusual isn’t it?

Hints of Green give a nautical vibe

Not your classic blue and white.

This bedroom still gives you that seaside feel with the green chair and pillows and the little accessories like the starfish and bottles.

All you need is the right colour choices and a few accessories like beach finds of seashells to create that seaside feel.

Luxury Seaside Elegance

The large padded headboard just shouts luxury and elegance.

You can still create that beach theme even with elegance by adding some throw pillows in beach colours here its yellow and turquoise.

Seashell pictures and Rattan side tables add to the Hampton’s feel.

Blue and white Stripes

Nautical full blown.

BUT only with the bed linen if you took it away you would be left with the picture of the galleon and shiplap on the ceiling would it still feel nautical?

It certainly would not be as dramatic as it is with the bed linen.

Masculine and Minimalist Beach themed

If you are looking for a more minimalist style I think this room does this well.

Just two pictures of boats and and beach worthy coloured bed linen plus a Navy wall has given this room and nautical flair without having to shout it out!

Tropical Seaside Beach themed Bedroom

Bold and simple but striking this tropical beach themed bedroom just screams the tropics!

I feel like I am on vacation just looking at it.

The green palm frond headboard just gives you such a feeling of being on holidays to the Caribbean or Florida.

The splash of pink along with the pink trims just brings it altogether otherwise it would just be a bit of a boring green headboard.


Calm Turquoise bedroom

If you are looking for more of a calm serene bedroom what about trying this look ?

Calm Turquoise accents on the blinds, headboard and pillows add to the relaxed feel of this room.


Touches of Tropical seaside

If you don’t want to go full in with tropical how about adding just a touch.

I love the quilt with matching pillows that give a hint of tropical patterns.

The green pillows add to the feel along with the plant bringing in the outside to inside.


Mustard and blue luxury

Are you looking for a different type of Seaside theme something subtle?

How about this luxury bedroom in Navy blue and Mustard with grey accents.

This is so elegant the gold and Navy lamps introduce more yellow along with the mustard quilt cover.


Modern clean and on a budget

If you are looking for something modern how about this bedroom.

Blue wallpaper with the gold pendant light and the white shiplap style bed gives you a hint of Nautical styles with a modern theme.


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Vacation worthy bedroom transformations you could make today.

Feel like you are on holiday every day.

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