Best selling Items on Etsy (make money in 2020)

Best selling Items on Etsy (make money in 2020)


Are you looking to start an Etsy shop but not sure what you should sell? Try these Best selling items on Etsy to make money.

This post will give you hints and tips on what you should sell on Etsy.

Plus Shops that are killing it right now on Etsy!


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Let’s get Started!

Why should you sell on Etsy




  • Your products will be viewed by up to 33 million buyers
  • Each listing costs just 0.20$ ( transactions and payment fees are only paid when you make a sale)
  • Use Etsy app to manage listings, manage orders and respond to customers instantly
  • Shop stats to optimise your shop
  • Helpful social media tools for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
  • Lastly there is a huge number of buyers ready to buy your handmade items.


The number of buyers has increased year on year according to Statista’s annual report to reach over 39 million in 2018.


Statistic: Number of active Etsy buyers from 2012 to 2018 (in 1,000) | Statista


Find more statistics at  Statista


What should you sell on Etsy


If you want to sell on Etsy you really need to know about recent trends and statistics for Etsy. 

eRank is a specific SEO tool for Etsy and can show you the Top sellers in each category.

Top Categories from this list include according to eRank:



If you are considering a category to sell in it would be advantageous to pick one of those categories as these are where the buyers are.


Let’s break this down:


Crafts Supplies and Tools

The number one shop on Etsy at the moment is in the Craft Supplies & Tools category ( also in the Handmade category).




Is all about Stickers.

Who doesn’t love a sticker!

Kate sells lots of different types of stickers for planners mostly so if you fancy a turn a stickers check out her shop for inspiration.


Nicole has a shop selling Charms mostly bulk items for other Jewellery makers to add to their Jewellery.

Plus she has more Jewellery findings that you can buy.

Again another shop selling Jewellery supplies but with a twist.



This is the 3rd ranked shop on Etsy and it is definitely a craft supply shop for Jewellery makers.

Handmade items from the top sellers include:


This shop sells wedding items – gifts, favours and decorations.

Hina describes her shop as a party design shop





Sells digital art – clip art, digital art basically anything you can use to make up things like colouring books, printables or for paper.

The best thing about all this is its Digital no parcel sending at all!

Keep this in mind.


Ok, so if you want to start an Etsy shop then you need to focus on the top selling categories namely:


Craft supplies and tools


Planner stickers

Wedding handmade items

Digital art is one for or other including Printables

Party Decor


Shops that are killing it on Etsy

From eRank the top 20 sellers can be seen in this image below:




So from this image above if you look at eRank you will notice that most of these shops that are top sellers are in the Craft supplies and tools category.


What you should be doing on Etsy today to make your shop successful


Shops that are successful on Etsy are unique not generic shops.

You have to stand out to become successful.

Pricing and Etsy SEO ( not to be confused with google SEO ) are also important when it comes to being found on Etsy.


What other options are there if you don’t want to set up an Etsy shop?


If you don’t want to start an Etsy shop you could look at starting your own Website or Blog the advantage to doing this is you have full control over all aspects of selling your crafts.

So you won’t have extra fees apart from what your payment company charge.

Most websites that run on WordPress allow you to set up a shop free with Woo commerce and if you are just starting out this can be great value.


You would only need to pay for hosting and your domain name for instance I use Siteground and as a starter hosting company they are great for reliability, contact-ability and site speed.


If you want to see a shop in action check out my mothers Art shop at


The disadvantage to having your own website is that you need to promote it to get traffic to it and this can be time consuming.

With Etsy you have a ready made audience but it is competitive as well.



If you want more information about setting up a blog you can sign up for my start blogging email course here






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I hope that has given you some inspiration to get started with your Craft Business.


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