10 Beautiful Beginners Knitted Blankets ( free patterns)

10 Beautiful Beginners Knitted Blankets (Free patterns)

Are you looking for a knitting pattern that is free? Be inspired by these beautiful beginners knitted blankets to create some wonderful projects that would be perfect gifts for babies, families or friends.

Here are some gorgeous knitting patterns and projects you can try even if you are a beginner.

Pick up those needles and get inspired today!

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If you love knitting and are a beginner but want to start a knitted blanket how about trying one of these free Easy Afghan patterns.

Block blanket free knitting pattern

This is such a simple easy pattern perfect for beginners to start knitting a blanket.

This would be a perfect project for a baby blanket for a gift.


Quick Easy Chunky blanket pattern

If you are looking for something quick and chunky this pattern will fit the bill. 

If you are looking for a coastal inspired home decor blanket this would look great because of the stripe effect.


Easy striped Baby blanket pattern

If you are looking for baby blanket patterns this one is super easy but looks divine!


Temperature Blanket pattern

This is a collection of temperature blankets based on a colour sequence chosen by the different temperatures in your area there are lots of easy options here.

Here are two of my favourites the first one is this easy temperature blanket with pattern here.


Striped Knitted blanket

This is a super easy beginners striped knitted blanket pattern.

It looks great and you can mix up the colours depending on your home decor style.

Perfect for the bedroom or living room depending on the size you want to make it.


Colour block Bias Blanket

This is still an easy blanket but you could be fooled into thinking it is hard.

You will need to master increasing and decreasing stitches to create this blanket.

The clever use of colour adds another dimension to this blanket.


Two Strands Chunky blankets

This is an easy blanket to try using two strands to wool to make it chunky and quick to make up.

Because you are using two strands you can then create this ombre effect.


Easy Heirloom Knit Blanket

If you can purl and knit you can do this blanket.


Easy Seed stitch Knitted Throw

This will be a great project for beginners that want to take their knitting to the next level.


Knit Colour block blanket

This is knitted in garter stitch but backwards I can’t say I have tried this it’s not too complicated and I reckon it would be an easy one for left handed knitters.


I hope you feel inspired to try a knitted blanket today?

If you want to find out how to start knitting or are looking for other knitted projects then check out these other projects.

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If you have time on your hands just now why not pick up some knitting needles and give it a try.

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