11 Best Ideas to Maximise Productivity ( Craft businesses )

11 Best Ideas to Maximise Productivity (Craft businesses )

You want your craft business to be successful? But you are struggling with time? How about some Awesome ideas to Maximise Productivity in your Craft business.

Do you get distracted easily or are working full time to get your business started? How about being more strategic with the limited time you have so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

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how to maximise productivity in your craft business

11 Awesome ideas to Plan your Week and Organise your Handmade Business to Maximise Productivity

  1. First focus on what you want to achieve then divide the task up into easy chunks and focus on completing these rather than the whole task

Use a calendar or Planner to Organise your time –

Ultimate bundles Productivity bundle maybe just what you need for $47 you get a whopping 12 eBooks, 30 eCourses and 29 planners, Printables and workbooks for Time management, Productivity at work, Goal setting and Mindset worth over $2837.06 find out more by clicking this link.


2. Say NO to things you will not be able to achieve especially when you look at your Planner for free time.

3. If you are struggling to meet commitments then tell the customer so you can extend the time scale and factor this into your planner

4. Get up Early use the extra one to get things done before everyone else gets up

5. Have a life too otherwise you may come to resent your business and make sure you take breaks during the day

6. Turn off your phone

7. Delegate if you have other people that work with you.

8. Time blocks – this is where you have set blocks of time say 30 minutes that you allocate to specific tasks during the day.

9. Prioritisation – look at your to-do list and assign each task on a scale of 1 to 3 with 1 begin the most important and complete only those tasks first.

11. Is there anything you can automate in your business?

11. Think about how you are making money now – can you x 10 this to increase your income? Concentrate on what you are doing right? Do you have a great product line that is selling like hot cakes can you develop it further to add to the product line and sell even more?


How to be more Productive in your Craft Business to Maximise Productivity

There are tonnes of options to help you make better use of your time.

Here are just a few tools and resources that will help you out.

Here are just a few:

Planners and Calendars 

Available in the Productivity bundle:

Create Your Own 30 Day Challenge by Kerry Beck (eCourse) $27.00 Spark creativity & put some excitement in your life when you create your own 30 day challenge

Botanical Living: A Printable Productivity Planner by Shelby Abrahamsen (Printable) $18.00
A beautiful, efficient, and powerful productivity tool to help you conquer the new year.

Your Best Life Planner by Katie Harp (Printable) $19.00
An ebook full of different printable planners, to do lists, and more to help you live a happier life.

Have an Accountability partner – online or offline in places like Facebook groups

Apps for planning like Trello – be warned you could get sucked into Emails or Facebook so sometimes paper and pen are just as good


How can you Maximise Productivity?

Here are some simple examples of things you can do to get started:

Tasks Examples 

Tasks for now in your Craft Business

  • Break these down into things you can do now that will increase your bottom line.
  • Selling at a craft fair
  • Emailing your subscribers
  • Follow up with wholesalers or other retailers

Future tasks that will increase your bottom line

  • Adding products to your website or shop
  • Event planning and spreading the word
  • Applying to craft fairs
  • Creating new products

Task that doesn’t affect your income but you need to do

Then there are the admin tasks like tax, invoicing and emails that will never change your bottom line but which you need to take care off.

So coming back to applying a number to each task do this for similar tasks that are listed above and add them to your Planner with the most important ones at the top!

One of the best ways to see this in action is to calculate your ROI ( return on investment) if you want to find out how to do this see my post on my blog smartpennies.com.

Easy Route to Calculating your ROI for your BLOG with examples

Its a general talk through so it can be applied to your Craft business or another other business you wish to start.


What you should do now to Maximise Productivity

Grab the Productivity Bundle for starters and read through all the information particularly the information on Productivity at work and Time management.

How has it helped me to Maximise Productivity?

At the moment I am totally disorganised when it comes to my blogging and now I have started a course for work as well so I really need to have some kind of planner to make sure I hit all my deadlines.

So if you need some help with Time Management then I recommend these resources which are in the bundle.

Having already bought Laura Smiths I heart create Printables course as part of the Genius Bloggers Toolkit I was very pleased to see she had a printable productivity pack to help with Goal setting so in combination with the Perfect Project Planner: for bloggers, small business owners and entrepreneurs by Eve Tokens I have managed to get my head around planning my blogging schedule and factoring in my course work.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and unorganised and need to feel more in control how about purchasing this bundle. It’s only available for a limited time so don’t miss out the savings as part of the bundle are massive.

12 eBooks, 30 eCourses and 29 planners, Printables and workbooks for Time management, Productivity at work, Goal setting and Mindset worth over $2837.06 .

What can the Productivity bundle do for you?

What if you could ask your favourite Craft bloggers point blank how they manage to get everything done?

Ultimate bundles reach out to the smartest bloggers they knew to ask them to share the productivity secrets.

You will find out how to

  • set clear goals and priorities – so you don’t waste time
  • Have clear routines – to use your time wisely
  • Actually, start tasks you have put off
  • Deal with distractions that can sidetrack you
  • Find that important energy so you don’t feel burned out

If this sounds like something you need then with the added cheat sheet bonuses

then don’t forget

Inside the Ultimate Productivity Bundle you’ll find:

12 eBooks | 30 eCourses | 29 Printables $2837.06 plus for only $47.

Learn more


My personal favourites to Maximise Productivity are:

  • Everything You Need to Get Organized: Bullet Journal Inspired Printable Planner by Rachael Morin (Printable) $24.95
    Get organized in 15 minutes a week.. even if you’re an unartistic scatterbrain
  • How to Make Planner Stickers by Mim Jenkinson (eCourse) $35.00
    Learn to make your own beautiful planner stickers from home.

Best thing is these two products alone are more than $37 spend for the huge bundle products so not only have I got the two resources I was keen to get but I also have a massive set of other Ebooks, courses and printables!


maximise productivity banner for productivity bundle ultimate bundles

Improve your productivity today get yourself organised!

I hope this post has helped you think about how you can increase your productivity especially if you are wanting to find time to run your own business.

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