Giant Craft Guide

Start a New craft and who knows where it can take you!

From complete beginner to experienced crafter find out what you could do.

I started Smartpennieslife because I love crafts. 

For me it creates an outlet where I can be creative and at the same time make things for my house or as gifts.

It is especially exciting when I complete a project and can give it away as a present. I love that it will be used and enjoyed.

I will be honest I have had a hard time communicating what I wanted to do with this business. But I have found that I want to focus on creating content to help your creativity and for beginners to start their craft journeys.

I am completely self taught my mother an artist ( she picked up a brush in her 60’s ) is an example that you are never too old to pursue something that gives you that creative release.

I have created this blog to show you the types of crafts you could try if you are a beginner and ultimately what you could do with those crafts.

If you want to start a craft journey then pick the one craft you fancy trying.

Starting a new Craft

Let’s get started.

Why should you craft?

I think people craft for all sorts of reasons.

  • Destress
  • Creative outlet
  • Create gifts for family and friends
  • Start a business around their craft 
  • Enjoyment

Smartpennieslife gives you the opportunity and tools to start your craft journey and decide where you want to end up. 

Are you a complete beginner and always wanted to start a particular craft?

Or are you just looking for more inspiration?

Or are you looking for something completely different? 

Are you wanting to have easy to follow instructions and projects to make even if you are a beginner?

Do you want to spend your time crafting rather than your current job but need a way to do that?

If your goal is to start crafting then it’s time to start.

My goal is to figure out what you want and help you figure out what tools and resources you will need to reach your goal.

It is really simple to provide you with the tools and resources and for you to just start your journey.

And for those of you who have lost your mojo to help you get it back with more inspirational ideas and to take your crafting further from becoming more experienced, creating gifts or starting a craft business.

The idea is to try different crafts and see what you like.

Not everyone will like all crafts,

I am not particularly interested in paper crafting or that good at it.

My bag is yarn crafts like knitting. Crochet or needlework.

My first craft was needlepoint and cross stitch which I still enjoy.

OK so why don’t you just start trying some craft I suggest some starter kits.

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